Come and cruise with me
I'll let you snooze with me
Don't wor...ry be hap..py - no more blues with me
Break all the rules with me
Then you will clearly see,You're the woman for me,
My clip is full, my rap is dull, I'm trying furiously, for
you and I to be, an item seriously....
I got the ends, you got the bends, so come and cruise
with me....
Then you and I can be, engaged affectionate...ly,
We'll walk the boat, catch a float, sit in the ja...cuz...zi,
So come and cruise with me,...I'm down on bended
What's on the ship, stays on the ship, I'm talking
pri..va...cy, so come and cruise with me,
We'll be dancing up a storm to the likes of Jod..eci,
So come and cruise with me, in turn you'll set yourself

Cruise Time

I'm talking walking in the sand, strolling on the beach,
honeys all around, at my grasp and my reach

Tired of stressing on the job, going home to a slob, get
your mind made up, and floss like Remy Ma

Heather Headly said it too, it's time for you to do you,
leave the kids with your folks, and have yourself a brew

I'm talking shopping in Jamaica with the fat American
dollar, I'm talking swimming in the Caymans, crystal
waves near my collar

So if you looking for some fun, wanna chill without a
gun, need some hugs on the run, wanna sip Jamaican

Come on and join our cruise, we got room for all of
you, from the single to the couple, we will mingle, we
don't struggle, we relax without a tussle

Some will say they can't afford it, or say they don't
have time, it's on you to get away, so you best
convince your mind

Your job will be there upon return, home gurl check
out the president, he often frequents Camp David, just
like he's a resident

So when I see you on the cruise, line dancing up on
the boat, I'll just light my Black and Mild, blow out
some wavy smoke

We'll reflect back on this sweet time, when you may
have had your doubt, then we'll plan next year's
cruise, leaving the memories for the ocean trout

Go ahead and do yourself a favor, make your mind up
today, click the online link below before your mind
begins to sway

You will have so much fun, it's like you in another
world, you will return a better person, you could return
as somebody's gurl!
2007 G-natti Book Cruise!  We
went, we conquered, we met our
vacation needs.  Get on board for
next year!  Release your stress with
Bathwater Press!
"Got my girls all here" Kelly Rowland
America's Most Wanted
Just a few of my crew
Chilling in the jacuzzi
This is like a paid commercial...but I never
received the check!
Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3
New Clothing Line about to blow
Romey Rome blew up on this cruise
The smile says it all
"We had a ball!"
Let's see!  What next for the fun meter?
Please tell me if I'm not fine.  I'll set
you straight afterwards!
I probably should not eat all of this.
I'm ready to shake a leg and get off!
Ring The Alarm
I'm about to throw down
Give me love now...give it to me
"I make him look good!"
Can I please get some Henessey and
Coke!  I need my refills quicker.
We bout to eat yall!
Get off! Get off! Get...get off!
Friday's on South
Beach...we started early
I got a B-more girl on my arm....how you
like me now?...what's my name?
I'm proposing a toast to another year.
Give it up for my OGs (Original Gangsters)
Romey Rome breaking off a celebration
You think they coming to get us?  Did
we do something wrong?
Romey Rome cheesing hard after sealing
the fried chicken deal!  The whole ship
A very beautiful blouse on a very
beautiful woman!
Hey! Ho!...Hey!...Ho!..party
over here
Cutest smile contest...cast your
vote and select a winner!
Breaking off Rome to the crew
A clashing of colors
A pure Georgia Peach!
Playa Play!
Fresh off the Cayman
One of the finalist photos for cutest
picture award
If I look nervous and shy, it's
because I was
Very interesting place to discuss my
I got stopped on the elevator
The true OG's.....original gangstas
Watch them come running after
us?...the men that is!
"You can be all that you want to
be on the G-natti cruise."
An excellent proof reader of my work
The Book Party was all that!
"Hey, you want some of this?
You better ask somebody."
"G-natti ran into us on the elevator.  We were
tempted to kidnap him and take him to the
penthouse suite."
It all started on South Beach!
We cruisin up a storm!
Checking out mug shots
Another Georgia Peach
"Don't get it twisted, I
was on time"
"Take me back to the United States Mr.
American man," spoken by this Jamaican