Book Excerpts
                                       CHAPTER 15
                     At War With Jewel

We dropped both Evelyn and Ricky off after dinner. Ricky and I were
wrestling for a moment as I was telling him how I used to take young
boys like him to the hoop before I suffered my major injury. He
jokingly called me an old man. I enjoyed hanging out with the kid and
his mom. Now, the following weeks would be the toughest period of
my time in Texas as far as feelings were concerned.
Evelyn truly captured my interest and I had to find a way to make my
interest known without running her off. I had to find a way to lure her
and perhaps help her see what was so obvious to me, which was,
that she was mine!
As soon as we dropped Evelyn and Ricky off, Jewel laid into me like
an ax chopping down a tree. In essence, we had our first major
argument. I knew it was coming and I really was not mad at Jewel.
She did not like how I had moved so far ahead. She was upset for
several reasons: she felt that I did not include her in on all the plans,
she felt that I changed the salary for Evelyn by too significant an
amount without consulting her, and she felt that I should have
consulted her on the moving and relocation of Evelyn and Ricky.
I was very quiet and I accepted my scolding like a guilty kid with his
hands in the cookie jar. I just showed no facial expression but I really
did admire Jewel for beating me up like this. To some degree, she
was like my mom away from home. I really appreciated her and I
knew I would have no concrete answers to most of her questions
regarding Evelyn and Ricky. I did not think 60K was too much to
offer and all the other company perks should be automatic anyway
for such a position. Then again, could it be that these perks that I
mentioned just honestly came out of nowhere as I was not about to
accept a negative answer from Evelyn. I will probably live to regret it
but I felt like I did what I had to do for the moment.
Thus, I continued to listen to Jewel as she was literally cursing me
out. Let me tune back in to her words.
“J.R., we definitely need to talk. How can you afford to pay her 60K
and where is this so-called house that you plan to help her buy.
Where in the hell are you planning on boarding them while this
house is ready? Please enlighten me! You are going to pay a
woman 60K and you don’t even know her skills nor do you know how
good she is. You could have gotten her for 45K and without all the
I had to respond to Jewel because I definitely did not want to lose
“Jewel, let me first apologize. I will never do that again. I do however
feel good about her.”
“I wonder what way J.R. do you feel good about her; her working
skills or her stripping skills?”
That comment triggered my anger to some degree.
”Okay Jewel! I deserved that.”
She quickly interrupted, “Why J.R? Why? I’m starting to feel like
I looked over at her as I was driving back to my house and she was
sternly serious and really upset.
“Jewel, trust me on this. She is a winner. I will make good by this
move, trust me okay. There are times when a businessman feels he
must take a chance and this is that time for me. Trust me now!
Please show her the three bedroom houses in the Fuquay Varina
Jewel looked down and away from me and then she looked back up
and said, “Okay boss, whatever you say.”
“Come on Jewel! Don’t be that way about this. Please! Trust a
brother okay,” I implored.
“Okay J.R., but where are you boarding her on tomorrow?”
Oh Boy! This is really going to get heated now as I was beginning to
feel like I was talking to my mom. I could sense that Jewel would have
a cow over this. I tried to break it to her as gently as I could without
showing my full deck of cards.
“Jewel, Evelyn and Ricky can stay at my place. I got plenty of space
and her house will be ready within a month’s time.”
She quickly turned her head and shouted at me, “J.R., stop the darn
car right now! You are out of your country boy mind. You don’t even
know this woman from any other woman. What in the world is wrong
with you? You got too many women as it is. Why are you treating this
woman so special? I mean, you date elegant, well to do women and
now you do all of this for a project sister whose son can shoot a
basketball. What in God’s name are you trying to prove? That
woman doesn’t want you. She doesn’t even want your money so
what is your point? Don’t be stupid man! She darn show ain’t worth
all that.”
I pulled over on the side of the road as Jewel requested and I said to
Jewel, “Look partner, I know what I am doing. I’m just lending a hand.
I really do have a good feeling about this.”
Jewel stared me in my eyes and then without hesitation hit me with
these words, “JR, how many times have you had a good feeling
about something and you were wrong? I tell you what. Just take me
to my car so I can go home. I refuse to say another word.”
Jewel may not have realized it but she sounded more and more like
my mom, especially with that last comment of how many times I been
wrong. She did hurt my feelings and I guess this is what my mom was
always talking about when it came to women and I. I mean, what if
Evelyn tries to use me. It’s not like it hasn’t ever happened before.
Besides, she clearly does not display any interest in me whatsoever.
What is it within me that makes me feel I can actually pull this
woman? She might be too street smart for me anyway. Shucks! Is
this God giving me such a strong attraction for her or is it I? I have
been wrong before. Wow! Is it love at first sight or stupidity at first
right? Is it cupid or stupid? Jewel really set me back. I felt a little
stupid right now.
“J.R., you told me about how women have hurt you in the past. Why
are you putting yourself out like this? You told me your mom warns
you all the time about falling in love too fast and putting all your
marbles on the line. Is this business with Evelyn and this kid about
real business J.R. or are you personally attracted to her?” Jewel
Jewel looked at me real hard and then quickly said, “I know the
answer to that. It’s strictly business because I see the caliber of
women you attract and they are very much on a greater economic
scale than Evelyn. For crying out loud, you would have been trying
to get up my skirt before you would show interests in her. Besides, I
know you got better business sense than to mix business and
pleasure, and to my knowledge you already supposedly have a
significant other somewhere. I just have yet to meet her.”
Wow! Jewel really knocked me up side my head. I had to respond
appropriately and refrain from embarrassing myself.
”Jewel, I had and have interests in developing Ricky’s basketball
talents. Anything else is gravy. Remember, I played basketball when
I was his age and I really think this kid has talent.”
I did not want to show my hand yet because I did feel somewhat
dumbfounded talking to Jewel about Evelyn. Therefore, I felt a need
to share only the basketball line and force my own self to do some
serious thinking as to how foolish I may really be regarding Evelyn.
Who knows? I could be wrong about Ricky as well. Wow! Listen to
me. I went from definitely knowing to definitely doubting just that
fast.  This is another practice that the preacher warned the
congregation of on Sunday morning.
I told Jewel to get herself a company car. She turned to me while
sitting in the car as though she was disgusted.
“Do you really think I give a hoot about a company car J.R? Is this all
that you have deduced your foolishness to? Please answer my
questions J.R. because I am trying at this very moment to decide
whether or not I need to renege on working with you at all. I am
clearly at a crossroads right at this moment so you had better come
with a logical explanation before I just vault.”
I really felt the pressure of not knowing exactly what to say but I knew
I had to say something or the second most important person in
Houston, Texas was about to send a brotha packing. I turned and
twisted in the car and then I looked over to Jewel and into her fiery
but gorgeous eyes.
“Jewel, I realize that I may be coming across as an absolute fool and
I perhaps am an absolute fool. However, I value your support and
your business savvy ways so much that I cannot afford to lose you
as my business partner. You mean more to me than this job by the
way. You are like family to me, like a sister that I never had. I need
you in my life and that’s real. Forgive me for my errors and please
understand my heart. I plan to go to the top Jewel and I vouch to
take you with me. There will be times when I will make risky calls but I
need your support. Aside from you, Julie, and Loke that’s all I really
have here in Houston.”
I begin to wipe my eyes as though a teardrop was about to drop.
There was total silence as Jewel stared into my eyes. I had no idea
what she was thinking but I did not get the feeling that it would be
anything that I wanted to hear. I wanted to say more words to Jewel
but my mind was so devastated by the anticipation of what she would
say next.
This quiet period had to be one of the most torturing periods of my
life. Then Jewel looked forward as to face the front windshield of the
car, took a deep breath and said, “Tomorrow I will show Evelyn the
Fuquay Varina Subdivision as you so desire and I will also make
certain they are moved into the house that you are managing.”
Wow, the greatest sigh of relief passed right over me as I grabbed
Jewel’s hand and kissed it. She quickly snatched her hand away and
said, “J.R., get your mouth off my hand because I don’t know where
your mouth has been.”
We both just started laughing.
“Jewel, thanks for hanging on and I really do apologize. Now, on a
different note, why do you think I have so many women when you
never seen me with one.”
She laughed again.
“J.R., are you denying the fact that you see a variety of women.”
“Jewel, I don’t see no way near as many women as you imply. What
have you seen out of me?”
“J.R., I have not seen anything but I just noticed that you have never
even as much as winked at me, which has been a shocker for me. I
always figured it was because you had too many women and not
enough time to see them all.” I looked at Jewel and she stared back
at me.
“Jewel, I have not hit on you because I respect your engagement
and I highly respect our friendship way too much to risk destroying
our relations. In addition, you have not thrown yourself at me like
some women in Texas have done.”
She snapped her head up and declared: “Oh that will never happen
at all. I would never try and hit on you, as I have always been faithful
to my fiancé. You can try all the sweet-talking efforts you like and
flash all the money you have but you will not be getting up this skirt. I
am committed to my man.”
I laughed with Jewel and said, “I can tell you are truly committed and
that is very admirable of you. Are we okay now? You still my boo?”
She smiled and said, “Hell To The Naw! I am not yo boo because I’m
more important than that. I’m your business manager and co-
conspirator of your newly owned real estate company.”
Jewel, stroked the sides of her hair and she always did that just
before she was about to say something very thought provoking.
“Well J.R., I don’t mean no harm but before that Evelyn gets to have
all the bennies, I should at least experience them before her since I
am the one supposedly hiring her. Besides, I do not feel like driving
all the way cross town to my condo.” She said that with a smile.
“Jewel, take my nicest guest bedroom and bunk here for the night if
you so choose. You can feel free to stay here anytime my sista.”
“Look my brotha, I have already picked my room out and my
belongings are already in the room. Do you see how I am always a
step or two ahead of you J.R?”
I responded to myself, whatever? I was truly tired. I got back on the
road and drove to my place. My house was so big that Jewel could
be staying in one of the guest rooms and I wouldn’t even know it.
“Jewel, let’s press with the decisions made and perhaps we may
have more insight on tomorrow.”
We both opened the car doors and got out and Jewel looked at me
with one of those smart looks, “next time, let me do my job,” she said.
I came around the car and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek
and I asked her, “You still love me baby? We down for whatever?” I
laughed as I held her tight and would not let her go.
She pushed me away and said, “get off me J.R., you are a trip if ever
I seen one,” and she started walking away. I spanked her on that big
butt of hers and she turned around and chased me with her purse
and I ran like I used to run when my friends and I would steal apples
from white folks’ backyards. Sometimes we would hop over a fence
all to be met by a huge German shepherd and we would hustle back
over the fence and run like crazy.
Anyway, by time I stopped running I was out of gas and in front of my
swimming pool on the deep end, which was 12 foot high. I did not
realize Jewel was so close on my tracks until all of a sudden I was
pushed into the swimming pool, Hugo Boss suit and all.
“HAHAHA! I bet you won’t ever grab my butt again.” Jewel just
laughed like crazy.
“Bet you didn’t know I ran track in high school,” she said.
The security staff came over my global intercom speaker system and
said, “Mr. Carter, is everything okay?”
Jewel, who was laughing so feverishly at me, heard the sound and it
literally horrified her and she gradually tipped over into the pool as
well. As she came up above the water, she cried, “Oh hell naw! I just
got my hair done…. UUGHHH!”
I laughed so hard that my stomach muscles started hurting, as I told
Johnson, one of the security guys, that everything was “A” okay over
here. I helped Jewel out the pool and she punched on me the whole
while we walked back to the house, until we parted for the night.
                                                  Chapter 7

                                  Painful Words Spring Forth

The Texas High School State Championship Game this year was located in Dallas, Texas, which
coincidently happened to be the home of the Lincoln High School Sharks.  The sharks were
undefeated and they showcased the likes of one of the most popular McDonald’s All Americans.

The team’s superstar, who rose out of nowhere much like Ricky had done on last year, was Jeremy
Tull.  This six foot six inch shooting guard was slated to go to Georgetown University.  

Highly touted as the top recruit within Georgetown University’s history, next to Allen Iversen, Jeremy
possessed the speed and quickness well beyond the skills of any normal high school basketball

The difference between the two appeared to be their age.  Ricky was only 15 and Jeremy was 18
years old.  Two of the nation’s greatest high school basketball players would seemingly collide like
meteors in the middle of the sky.

Lake View Academy High School was no longer viewed as merely a college prep high school.  The
school was now a basketball powerhouse in the state of Texas, with much of the credit going to my
stepson, Ricky, and Coach Lawson for the team’s emergence.  

Now the tone of this game would be dictated by the way in which Jeremy Tull basically ignored Ricky
at the outset of the game.  Ricky approached Jeremy as though he was all excited and ready to play.

“Good game partna,” said Ricky and extended his hand.  Jeremy basically ignored Ricky’s hand.

“I ain’t yo partna and I don’t shake the hands of underclassmen, so get out my face junior.”

Ricky was astonished, but he was pretty much accustomed to being ignored at the outset of a game
because of his youth.  The conclusion of most of those games always yielded a different outcome.  
Today, however would appear to be somewhat different, as Ricky and his team struggled on the
offensive and defensive ends of the court.

The game was so bad for them that the score towards the end of the second quarter was not even
close.  Ricky couldn’t find the basket as the Sharks’ defense clamped down on him like no defense
ever has before.  After a brief timeout, Ricky went over to Coach Lawson seemingly frustrated and

“Coach, let me guard that guy.  I know I’m not hitting, but I think I can stop him.”

“Ricky, guarding him will wear you down and we need your full energy in the next half.”

Ricky proceeded to try and convince the coach, but the horn sounded and the next four minutes of
basketball would be compelling at best.  

Jeremy Tull basically took over the game.  This reality was so apparent that Ricky just started
guarding him anyway.  On the first defense of Jeremy, Ricky tried to keep him from posting up down
low.  That endeavor alone turned out to be a huge mistake.

“You bout to get-cho feelings hurt chomp!  You overrated punk,” said Jeremy to Ricky.   

Jeremy got the ball while he was boxing Ricky up, down low near the basket.  Jeremy dribbled the ball
back into Ricky, faked going right and then spun around to the left side for a wind mill slam dunk.  All
Ricky could do was helplessly watch as he got shook inside his britches.  The crowd roared and Ricky
clearly had a distressed look on his face.  For the first time ever watching Ricky play, I felt sorry for

On the very next play, Ricky caught the ball just past the half court line and he threw an errant pass
to his teammate, but out of nowhere came these long arms and a flash of speed.  Jeremy picked the
ball off in midair and went coast to coast, finishing with a Tommy Hawk slam dunk.  Ricky chased after
him but it seemed as though he was running in slow motion, compared to Jeremy’s blazing speed.

“Thanks for the gift, punk,” said Jeremy to Ricky as he returned back down court.  Ricky was clearly
getting humiliated and an outsider looking in would think that he was on the verge of being
intimidated by Tull’s play.

“You ain’t pro material!  You just a pretty boy with no skills.  I bet your mom is so embarrassed!  I own
Texas basketball and you a fake.  I wish I played you every game.  Ricky who?  You NBA wannabee.”

Those words were all statements that Jeremy said to Ricky at sometime or another, throughout the
course of the game.  Before he scored on him, most of the time he either shot the three ball or
dunked on him like Ricky was nobody special.

At the beginning of the third period, Jeremy walked over to Ricky before the game resumed with a
daring stare in his eyes.

“You know ya mama bout to have my baby, don’t ya?”

Ricky pushed him and all the referee saw was a push and Ricky was quickly assessed a technical
foul.  Coach Lawson signaled Ricky over to the bench.

“Son, I told you not to start jawing with this kid.  Just play basketball.”

“But Coach, he keeps on talking about my mom.”

“Ricky, he keeps talking about your mom because he knows it bothers you.  Just focus on the game
son.  I can’t use you on the bench now.”

Ricky took a deep breath and walked back onto the court, while Coach Lawson proceeded to talk with
the referee.

“Now ref, you know that kid has been taunting and cursing the whole game.  He needs to be put in
check too.”

“Coach I’m letting these kids play ball.  Talking is a part of the game.  If your top player can’t handle
that, he’s in trouble.”

The coach proceeded to engage further in conversation, but the referee blew the whistle to signify
resumption of game play.

“I’ma kick yo butt after we send yawl back to Houston,” whispered Jeremy into Ricky’s ear.

On the next play, Jeremy was fouled by Ricky and he went to the free throw line and hit all his free
throw shots.  He was guarded tightly by Ricky, but he still made a poster child out of him, just dunking
freely on him.  It became so bad that Coach Lawson finally took Ricky out of the game.

“Coach, what are you doing?”  Ricky said as he ran over to his coach.

“Ricky, sit down son!  I can’t have you going out like this.”  Ricky angrily sat down on the bench.  He
was upset, scared, and worried too.  When the next whistle blew for someone to shoot a free throw as
the result of a foul, Jeremy trickled over near the bench and said words to Ricky that further
quenched his spirit.

“Ricky, I saw your real dad downtown on the corner begging for pennies to support his drug habit.  
Maybe your future NBA dollars can serve some purpose.”  

Jeremy chuckled.  The referee warned Jeremy to stay away from the bench.  Ricky sat there with a
blatant look of torture.  

Those last words hit home.  His mind went back to when his dad would beat his mom, went back to
how they lived in infested drug projects in Dallas.

All of a sudden, he reflected back on the words of what his mom told him back after his dad beat her
to the tune of two black eyes and a bruised shoulder bone.  While in the back of a rescue squad
where she was believed to be on her death bed, she told Ricky words that would prove to be his
anchor for life.   

“Son, I don’t care how you choose to remember this, but please do.  Don’t you ever forget this day.   
Stay hungry to be the best you can be so you will never have to live in these conditions.  Ricky,
never, never, never let anyone stop you from achieving your goals.  Never!  I want you to someday
build a foundation and not become a victim to drugs.  Let your dad serve as your reminder.”

Ricky recalled his mom saying those words to him.  Although she could barely speak as she faded
into unconsciousness in that ambulance, her words were vibrating in Ricky’s ear right now as though
he was reliving that horrible experience all over again.  

Ricky became so mesmerized with those words that he seemed to be totally nonexistent in the Dallas
gymnasium.  A rage out of nowhere came over Ricky.  He started thinking how he felt when his mom
was so helpless and he could not do anything to make her feel better.  

His focus clearly shifted from the game to that horrible experience he had the day that his dad beat
his mom.  His dad was clearly strung out on drugs, but Ricky felt so much guilt inside because he was
not there to protect his mom.  

He had been hard headed that day and went outside to play basketball and he returned to the sound
of the ambulance and was quickly informed by his next door neighbor that his mom was in it.

Suddenly, the transformation of Ricky’s mind was taking place. The Rocky music was playing in his
head and Ricky was ready to excel, ready to seize the moment, ready to seal the coffin to returning
back to the hood.  He all of a sudden felt a new form of hunger rumbling through his body.  He felt a
dire need to get back in that game and beat off the demons of his past; the very demons that forced
his mom to suffer as she did on that horrible day.  Ricky suddenly looked down at the coach to get his
attention.  Ricky, don’t you ever return to the hood.  Stay away from drugs and never, ever fail when
the opportunity to stay clear of that lifestyle presents itself.  Ricky kept hearing his mom’s voice over
and over again in his ear.  All of a sudden, this was not about the state championship; this was not
about Jeremy Tull; this was not about a basketball ego.  However, for Ricky, it was about seizing the
moment to close the door to ever returning to the hood.  It was about avenging the harm that his mom
endured from his dad.  It was about tasting that hunger to be great like never before.

“Coach, I’m ready,” said Ricky.

Coach Lawson came and kneeled before Ricky on the bench.

“Ricky, this one is over son.  This is just one game.”

“Coach, you taught us that it’s never over until it’s over.  Please just let me get in the game.  I promise
I’ll play right.”  

“Son, it’s not even about that.  We had a good season and you will get to finish the season healthy
and ready for the McDonald’s All American game.”

“Coach, I just need to get in the game right now.  I really could care less about playing any other time
than right now.”

The coach could not overlook that fire in Ricky’s eyes that he had not seen in quite awhile.  It was
that look of hunger, desire, leadership….that borne to rein look that matched Ricky’s talents.

“Son, we are down by 18 with only six minutes left.”

Ricky interrupted the coach as though the score meant nothing to him.

“Coach, this game ain’t over.  Please!   Just let me in the game.”  

The coach felt the electric intensity of Ricky’s words as though the kid placed hope back into the
coach’s current perspective on the game.  Then, he quickly signaled Ricky to go into the game, but
before he let him go from his arms he had a message for him.

“Son, let me remind you that you are the best high school kid in the game today.  Don’t let anyone
ever take that crown away from you.  Now, you go out there and take what’s already yours.”

The coach clinched the collar area of Ricky’s jersey, like he was about to beat him down, and then he
spoke words to Ricky that had him snorting like a bull to get in the game.

“I want to see the hunger in your game that I saw when I first met you.”  He slapped Ricky on his hips
as he rushed into the game after the scoring booth sounded the entry buzzer.   

Less than one minute in the game, Ricky picked off a pass and raced down the court for a switch
blade slam dunk at the other end of the court.

The next ensuing play, he stole the ball from Jeremy Tull and pulled up for a three pointer, hitting
clearly nothing but net.  Ricky kept thinking about his dad beating his mom and his rage to dominate
the remainder of the game made him clearly unstoppable.  On defense, he shut Jeremy Tull down,
blocking his shot six times in the quarter, while playing and not saying a mumbling word.  

Jeremy even noticed a difference in Ricky.  Although he was not aware, he had made a serious
mistake of reminding Ricky of his, not so distant, past.  That reminder had all of a sudden become
Ricky’s primary source of motivation.  When Jeremy looked into Ricky’s eyes, all he saw was the fiery,
unwavering look of those belonging to a ferocious tiger.  It’s almost like Ricky was another person in
the game.  Then, the dunk that brought down the house.

Ricky stole the ball from his opponent as they were trying to make a fast break and then he went full
speed down the court all to notice Jeremy was daring him to come down low.  Ricky hesitated as
though he was going to shoot a three ball, and he committed Jeremy to come out to guard him and
then he went full speed all of a sudden up in the air and over the taller, higher jumping Jeremy Tull.  It
was the true poster dunk of the game as Ricky was peering down at Jeremy as he ascended with his
arms outstretched and looking down at Tull.

Total silence was brought to the home court crowd and Ricky’s whole bench jumped up and yelled
out, “and one” as Jeremy fouled Ricky and he became upset over the call.  That dunk totally took
Jeremy mentally out of the remainder of the game.

Ricky, however, missed the free throw, but he came flying out of nowhere to capture the ball in midair
and ram it down the face of the rim.  That dunk would be replayed on Sports center as the top
highlight of the season.  Jeremy did nothing the remainder of the game, but commit turnovers.

At the sound of the game ending buzzer, Ricky had once again taken his team to another state
championship victory, as his team roared back to win by three points.

Ricky ran over to Jeremy as though he was programmed to do so without distraction and with total

“I was just kind of wondering if you would shake my hand now.”  Ricky extended his hand.  Jeremy
reluctantly shook Ricky’s hand while looking down to the floor in dejection and disgust.  Ricky started
to run away from Jeremy, but quickly turned around and spoke in a very serious tone with a teardrop
formed in his eye.

“Oh yeah, Jeremy!  Say hello to my real dad for me.”  Then afterwards, he was quickly clobbered by
teammates, fans, and reporters.
This poem speaks for itself.  It will be an education for some and a mere
acknowledgement for others.  It’s a battle that some have experienced.

Valentine’s Day or Doomsday (V-day or D-day)

It’s that time of the year
That seems to come around way too fast
When being a player just ain’t popular
Because of great demands upon your cash

You can only be in one place
At any given time
On this day, you’re in a tedious race
So you must keep a sane mind

You send candy and roses
To all of the above
You send cards and love notes
If nearby, you’re tempted to give a gentle hug

You got to make yourself too busy
For any type of appearance
But if you upset that truly special honey
You’ll find yourself like a clothing item...
On sale…a clearance

That’s right players!  It’s V-day
But for you, it could be D-day
You are fighting a war
That only you and other players know about

The faithful guys are living stress-free
The dating Vietnam Jungle
They probably know nothing about

On this particular day
So many lies will likely be told
True players may take a fall
For it’s on this day that they could be exposed

Just think, she’s been bringing all the loving
Some home girls really pay their dues
All to realize, he won’t only just clubbing
But he was somewhere secretly rubbing
The feet of women dancing with guilty shoes

True players may have too many women
Well beyond what their pockets can afford
Don’t get confused by them wearing white linen
The ice worn around the wrists, ears, and neck
Could possibly be a reward

“You mean I did all of that for him,
And I didn’t even get a card or rose?”
No my dear!  For his wallet is way too slim
He can’t even buy drugs for a congested nose
Not on this day…not during this month

Some may call his ice, gifts
From several sugar mommas
Not baby mommas
Some women truly shower them down
And will even preserve their life
Much like Pocahontas

The women that have the pure juice and ice
They're not eating the international entrée... White rice

But instead, they are packing and stacking
The very best of foods and material things
They are the ones that’s got you thinking
“All he can afford to treat me out to
dinner, is chicken wings?”

Don’t get all salty towards me
Don’t even bother to take the time and hate
I’m merely sharing for edification
For I don’t want this war to escalate

We’re fighting in Iraq, very much to our dismay
But once a year, every year
There is a player’s D-day
But normal guys call it V- day.

Some women are as tough as you
And there are those who are tougher still
Your juggling act is better than most
All other people must acquire the skill
You're a strong positive leader at work
Home and in the neighborhood
You take care of yours, others
And even somebody else's
Whether or not you should
Those who truly get to know you
Find a good friend inside
Someone to tell their troubles to
And a safe place to confide
You don't always wear an outward grin
But there's always a hidden smile
When tragedy touches another life
You always go the extra mile
For those of us who know you best
We at times forget the human shell
We put you in that "Super Woman" arena
As you can see, I’m certain you can tell?
Your achievements become as second nature
And yet we still want more
And to add insult to injury
We even give you the menial chores
But give us time and work with us
We'll eventually see the light
Just give us a few pages from your book, who knows?
It might just improve our plight
Blessed women are equipped by God
To carry the heavy load
And few men are even inclined
To travel down that road
One day I met this hardworking lady who I told
To take her rest
But she summed up what I was trying
To convey in words that say it best
As a man, when my head gets too big
To fit inside the door
I hope the following words will come to me
And knock me to the floor
That lady looked me in the eye
Because she knew I didn't know
And spoke to me these immortal words
With a subtle glow
She said, “Hun, a man may work
From sun to sun,
But don't you forget that a woman's work
Is never done.”