G-natti is Bringing Work

EDITORIAL SERVICES:  From grammatical to
creative, G-natti can edit your manuscripts
while spicing up and juicing up your work to
your level of desire for a very low fee.

Need A PUBLICIST:  G-natti will ensure that
you and your product is blown up and properly
known nationwide for a very low fee.

Dynamic Speaker:  Whether the topic is
relationships, becoming an author, or whatever
the topic may be, G-natti is an excellent
speaker who can enlighten any forum or media

Got a manuscript but can't get a Publisher:  
G-natti, due to popular demand just opened up
his own publishing company, Bathwater Press
Publishing Company, Inc.  We are currently on
the hunt for new authors.  HOLLAATYABOY!   

Massage Therapist On Wheels:  That's right!
G-natti comes to you for the most complete
head to toe massage you could ever
experience.  Leave contact info for personal
testimonials and calendar availability.  Potential
clients within the metro DC area, please see ad
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