G-natti was interviewed by Terry Karne of
Real Scope Media out of Richmond, VA on
January 17, 2007.

1. Your book is starting to make a rumble
nowadays.  Lights Out is gradually getting
out to various geographical markets.  How is
it really going?

It was slow starting out but once I got
schooled on the process and learned the
book business, I must say that sales started
picking up.  I've learned that in this business,
fans will not initially seek you out but instead
you have got to deliver a product to them
that will create a fan for your work.  It is
definitely not an automatic process.

2.  Your book has been described as a real
page turner, book that folks can't put down
once they started reading it, and a very
stimulating book in somewhat of a sexual
way.  How do you manage to incorporate all
variables and still put out an entertaining

Well, as you may know, my book is really
about true life experiences along with fiction
laced in to constitute the book as a fiction
book.  I attempted initially to write what I
thought men would enjoy, the sports, the
detail erotica, and the professional piece for
the sake of luring men.  However, women
have literally taken the book as though it was
written for them and I have enjoyed this
incidental outcome.  Men that read my book
literally enjoy it as well but men do not read,
per capita, nowhere near as much as women

3.  What geographical markets have been
most rewarding for you and what markets
have surprised you, if any?

The North and the West literally seem to read
my book moreso than the other geographic
locales.  Though I have experienced negative
perspectives of the bible belt region, I still get
much love from that region but my most
lucrative markets are up North and out West.  
Even when I'm down South, most of my
buyers are from the North or out West.  
There is still some reluctance, I think, to the
bible belt region embracing my book but
circulation and distribution is a shortfall of
mine.  Although I'm from the South, I may
have just expected that much more but I have
probably been somewhat of a controversial
author myself.  I'm expecting the hard core
bible belt region to embrace a level of erotica
they are not used to and it probably just took
some folks by surprise.

4.  Now, I understand you are an ordained
minister who has pastored over two churches
and from what I understand you were a very
highly anointed and powerful preacher.  You
were also a high ranking officer who has
retired from the military.  How does that all
factor into your current writing style and the
subjects you choose to write about?

My writing today captures reality.  I feel that I
can be effective conveying a needed
message in an entertaining form to society
via my book writing avenue.  My writing will
challenge as well as enlighten people of
today with a message, enjoyment and a
heavy dose of reality.  Some folks have
problems with reading reality.  My spiritual
background further increases my writing
ability in that I am committed to providing
some form of a message in somewhat of a
subtle way in my books.

5.  Do you ever feel guilty, with your
credential, about writing erotica?

I did at first but let me share an experience
that I had that totally changed my life.  I was
in Georgia at a book signing and this
preacher started preaching to me about the
bible.  Little did he know, I knew the word just
as much as, if not more, than he did but I
quietly listened.  However, when he
misinterpreted certain bible verses, I could
not contain my silence.  After I spoke, he
knew I was not a heathen.  He offered to
purchase my book.  I talked him out of it in
front of his wife and sister on the basis of the
heavy degree of erotica.  He did not
understand me at first but after he did, he
elected not to buy my book.  As soon as he
walked away, I felt the tugging of the Lord
speaking to me.  The words that hit me
upside the head was "How are you going to
say that I inspired you to write a book but
you feel uncomfortable selling to a fellow
preacher? How do you know that what you
have in your book was not designed and
perfected for him to read?  There could have
been something special in your book that he
needed to read."  I felt bad all day and I could
not sleep that night.  It really affected my
spirit in a negative way, as I felt so much
torture. It was then that I decided I would no
longer apologize for the books that God has
inspired me to write.

6. G-natti, let's get real touchy and personal.  
It's been rumored that you experienced a
great deal of hurt from your family's rejection
of your work.  Talk about that briefly.  

Well, I won't say that my family rejected my
work.  I was contacted by friends of mine
back home and they informed me about the
reaction of certain family members to my
book.  I can understand the confusion as the
book does not reflect my early roots.  I
confess that I am a controversial individual
but while I am yet being transformed, I still
feel the grace and power of God within my
life.  I often cannot explain it but it's there.  I
apologize to anyone in my family that I may
have embarrassed.  I love my family and
always will.  

7. I really don't know all that was said but I
can tell it really bothered you.  Your eyes
seem flooded with tears.

Hey, I hurt real badly from the words that I
heard from my family members.  
Nevertheless, I don't hold anything against
anyone.  I probably confused them just as
much as they hurt me.  Nevertheless, family
is all I got right now and some loyal fans.  I
would still give anyone of them the shirt off
my back, if need be.

8.  I understand you took that hurt and
retooled that negative energy into a poem.  
What is the name of the poem?

The name of the poem is Hard Words.  

9.  Can you recite it or do you care to share
some of the words with me?

Sure, why not?

Pen in my hand, words fighting for my time,
trying to release these thoughts that seem to
occupy my mind

I go shopping at the store, cause I'm a baller
to the core, I take my debit card and charge
it, all the way to the floor

Ladies blowing up my cell, whispering their
sweet nothings, always offering me some tail,
but I'm not about corrupting

They don't understand my drive, for I'm
trying to cop a bill and not barely just survive,

What's a brotha to do? I'm just trying to get
paid, Right now is not the time, I'm not trying
to get laid

Like many, I too have been through some
things that could have crippled my very soul;
family, institution, God! Nobody really knows

You tell folks you getting a divorce, they
wanna know about your loot, don't give a
damn about your course, steady trying to eat
your fruit

Then the very ones you love who you think
know you so well, become focused on your
paper, it becomes a living hell

They don't understand your plight, but they
feel they have a right, to your hard earned
dough, it's no longer your show

You just happened to drop a book, now they
treat you like a crook, because according to
them, you owe all of them a hook

Oh yes they hurt me oh so bad, made me oh
so mad, their shallow views and hard words
will keep me writing on a pad

Did they ever call my house after I lost my
When fame came, they put in their bids,
didn't even call and ask about my kids

I guess you really have to learn to cut certain
people off, they can really wreck your mind,
they can make you feel so lost

Family, I'm just trying to get out the gate,
please learn not to hate, I'm the same ole
country boy that you used to elevate

Was the first to graduate from college, I'm
just trying to use my knowledge, I'm still
motivated by hope, just give me some time to
lower that rope

Do me a favor and please let this savor, just
pray for my kids, and for their next door

10.  Whoa!  G-natti, that is deep!  Do you
know how many people can relate to that
poem?  How can I get a copy?  Is this in your
soon to be released poetry book?

Yes it is.  It is one of my most favorite poems
because of what I was feeling when I wrote
it.   It will be featured in my poetry book.  
Hopefully, I should have the book out
towards the late summer after I release The

11.  Do you feel your book is good for
everyone?  I mean, I know I definitely can
relate to the poetry book and I understand
both men and women can relate to your first

Well, commercially speaking I would be
inclined to say yes.  I really believe all adult
age people can read and enjoy and get alot
out of my book.  I also agree that the hard
core church community can and will also get
alot out of my book.  It does have some
valuable spiritual elements in it as well.  

12.  Okay G-natti, I understand you formed
your own publishing label, Bathwater Press,
Inc.  What next can we expect from your

Well, later in the year, about a couple of
months from now I will be releasing my
sequel to Lights Out, Game Ova which is
entitled, The Carterchronic:  Til Death Do Us.  
Once again, I'll be releasing my poetry book,
called G-noetry:  Affairs of the heart.  I'll also
be releasing my first kid's novel entitled,
Broken Ankles.  Later in the year, I'll release
Salty Roots:  Seeds of Darkness Erupt, When
too many ain't enough, The Author, which is
a unique comedy book about my fans and I'll
be publishing my first poet Jerome Redd's
poetry book.  In addition, I'll be participating
in my 2nd Annual Book Cruise with Carnival
where we will be going to the Grand Cayman
Islands and Jamaica.  I look forward to the
cruise because it gives me a chance to
socialize and vacation with some of my fans.  
We really do have a great time from the pre-
cruise activity on South Beach up until the
time we return to the port.  I can't wait to go
this year and have the most fun of my life.

13.  Wow!  That truly sounds like a full plate.  
I must applaud you on your endeavors and
encourage you to keep on doing what you
are doing in this industry.  You are steps
away from blowing up and I appreciate the
opportunity to be a part of your success.  
Before I forget, please inform me what
motivates or drive you?

Rejection, closed doors, embarrassment and
humiliation, family deaths, and God's grace
and fiery determination.  Every form of
rejection keeps me perfecting my craft and
that much more determined to succeed.  
When more doors close than open, when
more folks look away from my work and turn
their nose up at me, when everyone seems to
turn on you and your endeavors, a fire within
me is rekindled throughout every negative
experience.  I will become a powerful force
within this industry.  

14.  G-natti, I can tell by the look in your eyes
that you will achieve your literary goals.  I bid
you Godspeed throughout your efforts and
don't ever give up!  Please keep on writing.  
Your talent will reshape alot of minds and
help challenge our people to a greater
standard and measure.

Hey thanks Terry for the interview and I really
do appreciate your word of mouth
advertisement of my book.  It's the most
powerful advertising tool and I have definitely
felt the love.  Peace be unto you!

G-natti Interviewed By FELICIA ROSS on 1
January 2006;
Regal Accents

G-natti on the move! See

1. What was your inspiration for writing a

I felt inspired from the good Lord above. I
wanted to provide both a source of
entertainment and a message that I felt
inspired to give to fellow sisters and
brothers.  Now, traditional minds will doubt
that I was inspired from above by the nature
of my material.  I'm certain I'll be condemned
as being heathen by the moral majority or
traditionally viewed church community.

2. Why did you use the name Galuminatti and
what does it mean?

I felt illuminated from above and I wanted to
use that word in my name. The closest that I
could come to providing that word in name
was illuminati. I elected to keep the sound
and place a G at the front of the word with a
slight different spelling as a way of my praise
to God.

3. How do you feel about your controversial
writing style and approach?

I consider myself a pioneer of my time.
Sometimes you must take a gamble or risk in
life for what you feel true compassion for and
for what your heart yearns inside for. I want
to inspire readers to a higher level of
entertainment, sprinkled with life changing
messages, while encouraging them to be true
to themselves and not shun the true source
of our overall existence. We have a tendency
to be neutral about uncut hip hop music,
alternative lifestyle living, and mediocre
education strategies for our kids, all at our
kids' expense but we will be quick to publicly
shun written erotica although we perform
such with our significant others behind
closed doors. Don't misunderstand me. I'm
not saying that what is done in the bedroom
should be placed center stage, but we should
not be so hypocritical by pretending like we
know absolutely nothing about sex. This is
why kids who have been totally sheltered go
to college and get turned out by the wrong
sources of stimulation. Let's face it. We are
sexual human beings and I vouch that
knowledge of sexual boundaries will better
prepare kids growing up as opposed to
forcing them to experience on their own. Too
many unplanned pregnancies, detrimental
guilt and repression results from society
pretending to be ignorant of a past time of
most people. I don't want my kids learning
sexual exploits from videos as opposed to
having mom and dad discussing with them
the pros and cons, ups and downs of sexual
activity. My writing is all about education but
in a very entertaining form. It’s okay to feel
and be sexual at the appropriate time or
times of one's life. We seem to treat it as dirt
and fake it as such while our kids grow up
thinking its wrong and unclean even in
adulthood with their spouses, but the
appropriate performance within such
circumstances are actually beautiful and not
within the category of filth and dirt. God
created this act as a dependent and fulfilling
act between a man and woman. Don't hate
what God created.

4. Your perspectives will be contested and
your graphic writing
depictions could be ridiculed. How will you
respond to such?

This is a brutal business. Regardless of what
you write, some will not like what you put out
and thus my measuring rod stems from my
internal spiritual compass. As long as I feel
inspired to write from above, I will write
accordingly. Hate mail and all that jazz will
merely fuel my fire to write to the best of my

5. What advice do you have for aspiring
authors and "would be" writers?

Pray about your desire and let the good Lord
above lead you accordingly. Believe on the
basis of the fire that is placed inside of you
and don't let no one, no one tell you what you
cannot do, nor tell you what you will not do.
Defy the odds. Then, work hard to perfect
your craft. It’s okay to still away from
mainstream society just to focus on you and
improve or perfect your craft.

6. How long did it take you to write your first

Well, I seem to write in surges. My first book
was written in about a year's time. If all I did
was write and had no social or family
obligations, I could probably write more at a
faster pace. However, that's pretty
unrealistic. I think a good book can be written
within a month's time but the cutting,
pasting, editing, and storyline perfection can
stretch out into another three months for
someone who does nothing but write and
desires to put out an excellent product.
Sometimes, you need to kick that can around
all to pick it up another day when your
mindset has another day's focus.

7. What do you want people to know most
about your writing style?

My writing stems from realistic experiences
and oftentimes is based on a true story or
segments of a true story. My writing will
always have a message within the
entertainment boundaries. I want to write the
best quality product that can both tell a
story, inspire a higher standard, and educate
my brothers and sisters to this phenomena
known as relationships.

8. How do you feel about fellow authors?

I have a genuine love for authors and I
believe that there is a reading niche for the
variety of writing styles that exist. I refuse to
hate on my fellow authors of all genres like
you see some rap artists hating on each
other within that arena. I want to be a bridge,
a backbone, a support structure to help other
authors perfect their craft. My focus
transcends the traditional motivational
variables. I want to form a strong network of
authors so that we can support one another
and use that support as a conviction to
deliver the greatest quality product to society.

9. How do you feel about African American
customers, since your writing will get out the
gate via that avenue?

I think African American customers are very
loyal to you once you have proven your craft
worthy of purchase. I am on a serious
campaign to return African American
customers back to purchasing from African
American booksellers and authors. Statistics
have proven that the African American
community alone is a very powerful and
lucrative force. Take for instance the latest
Grammy Awards: I noticed that commercials
were targeted to our community on networks
like BET, MTV, and VH-1 and even the major
network that it aired from. Notice that the
commercial consisted of advertising Kanye
West and Jamie Fox. Why? Because
mainstream knows that Caucasian
representatives would be in full force but the
targeted marketing strategy was towards the
African American community. We are a very
powerful force if we can come together
collectively. Please, let's support our African
American authors and bookstores. It may be
cheaper to purchase from global outlets but
if we invest in our own, we will eventually
produce our own global outlets.
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