For our latest website feature, we welcome the "The Carterchronic."  Do
yourself a favor and get a jump on this fabulous work of fiction by reading
"Lights Out, Game Ova" first.  If you have not read it in awhile, you may want to
refamiliarize yourself with the characters and storyline as The Carterchronic
takes off like a racehorse.  Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the never
ending ride.  Its On!!

JR is at it again as he deals with the demons of his past while also battling
Loke's turmoil or fortune, depending on how you look at it, dealing with
Doralee's manipulation, Evelyn's pregnancy and trifling twin sister Teralyn and
her sexploits, while also keeping the teenager and superstar phenom Ricky
under wraps.  JR has his hands full and Jewel and Julie are all supportive but yet
become very doubtful of JR's ability to survive, resist temptation, and overcome
the potential heartache.  

The Carterchronic will have you turning page after page forever and a day as
this book is slightly longer (per fans' request) and very much a gold mine of
male and female insights that are totally relative to our relationship world that we
currently dwell in.  Published by Galuminatti's new publishing company,
Bathwater Press Inc, The Carterchronic will solidify Galuminatti's quest for that
"number one spot" within the urban fiction arena.
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