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                                                ABOUT THE AUTHOR/PUBLISHER

Straight out the blocks of low income housing where government cheese, powdered milk,
welfare, and food stamps were very common, along with an escalating high school dropout
rate, the author Tony Williams was born.  Raised by his late great grandmother, Minnie B.
Fennell, along with his aunts and uncles, Tony learned the value of persistence,
determination, and desire.  

Instilled in him were high spiritual morals and standards that some today may dispute that he
has departed from, but by the fruit of his labor that argument could be greatly contested.
While serving time in the military
and bringing that to a stellar end, he embarked upon a
writing career after feeling inspired from the good Lord above.  Through writing he realized
that he could write himself into any place in the world as his own writing took him on journeys
that he never knew existed within him.  Four novels, two poetry books and three other books
that he has published for other authors helped him to fully realize and embrace his passion
for writing.  

Having felt illuminated by his writing he dubbed himself the pen name of Galuminatti which
means, by his own definition to be enlightened from above.  This name is only used for his
adult books.  In essence, he felt illuminated and wanted to use the term in his name while
also placing a G at the forefront to constitute the name Galuminatti.  For his other books, he
uses the name Fennell, giving tribute to his grandmother, dad, and aunts whose last name
was Fennell.  

A graduate of East Carolina University with a B.A. in Correctional Services and an M.A. from
Webster University in Business Management.  He is a retiree of the United States Air Force,
having served 23.5 years.  A grandfather to one and a father to three, Tony Williams was born
and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  He has numerous writing projects on his shelf and
within his view.  Take the time and enjoy all the written and published works of Tony