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The McDonald’s All American
High School Basketball game
was held this year in Atlanta,
Georgia.  Once again, Ricky
Lyles led his team to another
victory after scoring thirty-one
points on the Eastern Allstars.   
He was once again awarded the
Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Trophy but on this particular trip,
all family was previously
occupied with Evelyn in labor at
a hospital in Houston,Texas.  
Therefore, Ricky and Hudson,
one of JR’s new security guards,
attended the game in Atlanta,
After Ricky was presented with
the MVP trophy and was
interviewed on television, an
interesting development
occurred which would transform
his mental state beyond
expectation.  First off, one of his
competitors came over to greet
“Chronic, good game man.  You
sure earned that trophy.  You
were clearly unstoppable,” said
one of the opposing ballplayers
who had a scholarship to play
with the Duke Blue Devils.
“Thanks Damon and I hope you
the best at Duke.  Watch out for
them tar heels because if I were
to go to college, that’s where I
would be going,” said Ricky as
they shook hands and hugged
each other.  Then, Damon ran off.
“Chronic, thanks for carrying the
team man.  We could not have
won that game without all your
“Hey thanks man! That really
means a lot coming from you big
guy,” Ricky said.
“I just wanted to also apologize
for my words to you during that
state championship game.  If I
knew now what I did not know
then, I would have given you
much more respect and shut my
mouth up,” Jeremy started
laughing and held out his hand
to give Ricky dap and he
responded in kind before Jeremy
walked off.
“Excuse me Ricky, how are you
doing?  You played a very good
game tonight.  Your sister will be
proud to know that her big
brother is a basketball superstar.”
Ricky looked at what appeared to
him to be another fan who had
found enjoyment in his game.  
All he noticed was that this fan
was holding an infant child.  
Ricky just smiled and said,
“Thank you Ma’am.”
The lady came closer to Ricky
and she looked up in his face
and held out the infant child for
“Ricky, this is your sister.  She is
named after JR, Jamie Randella.”
Ricky was totally perplexed.  He
looked at the woman and looked
down at the baby.
“What are you talking about Ma’
am?  Did my mom have the baby
already?  What are you doing
with the baby?”
The woman looked at Ricky with
a proud smile and responded
with glee.
“Actually, this is my baby that JR
and I conceived just before he
got married to your mom.”  Ricky’
s excited face went from a smile
to a very somber look.
“Ma’am, that’s not true.  JR does
not have another child.  I’m his
step son and he has no other
“Ricky, I’m sorry that you were
not aware but you may want to
confirm with JR.  This is your
baby sister.  Now, aren’t you
She smiled and leaned closer
into Ricky.  Ricky stood there in
a daze as the coach called him
over for another interview.  He
heard no voice but instead he
was feeling real bad on the
Doralee quickly told Ricky, “Hey,
your coach is calling you.  Now
Ricky, I don’t think your mom is
yet aware of our newborn baby
so if I were you I would not
bother to upset a pregnant mom
but just talk to JR.”
Ricky stared at her like she was
a ghost in a haunted house but
with more surprise than fear.  His
coach quickly called him again
and he suddenly snapped out of
it and ran over to where his
coach was and participated in
another television interview.  He
was stunned beyond words and
really did not have the mental
fortitude to focus on another
interview, but he nevertheless
went through the motions.
After all the game interviews and
discussions, Ricky went to the
locker room and could not wait to
get an explanation from anybody
about JR’s other child.  He was
somewhat hurt and disappointed
and the flight back to Houston,
Texas was more of torture for
him than anything.  
Nevertheless, he arrived at the
airport at Houston to some
additional news that took him by
surprise.  Who was there to meet
Ricky?  None other than Jewel.
“Hey there handsome!  
Congratulations on the game!”
“Thanks Jewel!  Where is JR?”
”Let me hold that nice trophy for
you as I give you the
exciting news.”  Jewel took the
trophy that Ricky carried in his
“Oh! I forgot to tell you Jewel that
Mr. Hudson extended his stay in
Atlanta.  He told me that he had
already informed you guys but
he did see me off the plane in
“Right! Hudson shared that
before he left.  Now, ready for the
good news?”
“What’s the good news?”
“Your mom’s water broke and
she had to be rushed off to the
hospital.  So, JR and Teralyn
accompanied her.”
“Really! So she’s about to have
the baby then?”
”Well, let’s just say she is about
to go into labor and hopefully you
will be the proud brother to your
baby sister real soon.  Aren’t you
“Well, yes Ma’am! I think I really
need to talk with JR though.”
Ricky and Jewel were walking
towards the baggage claim area
to get his suitcase.
“That’s fine sweetheart! JR is at
the hospital and we will be going
there shortly to cheer your mom
Jewel grabbed Ricky’s cheeks
but noticed he had a very sad
looking persona.  Jewel, who
sensed all hurt in the family like
a hunting dog sensed deer.  She
held Ricky’s hand and stopped
him in the middle of the airport.
“Ricky, what is wrong baby?  
You seem so different.”
Ricky’s eyes started flooding
with tears and they begin to
trickle down his face.
”Jewel, I did not know that JR
had another baby.”  Jewel pulled
Ricky closer to her.
“Another baby!  Ricky what are
you talking about?  The only
other baby JR has is you, and
you show ain’t no baby.  What
are you talking about?”
Ricky started sniffing as his nose
became real stuffy and the tears
were flowing.  Jewel got out
some handkerchiefs from her
purse and started wiping his
“Ricky, come let’s sit down over
here for a moment.  What is
wrong baby? Now, tell me what
are you talking about?  Where
did you get this information
Ricky sat down next to Jewel and
then he shared with her his
hurtful experience regarding
Jamie Randella.
“Well, after the game tonight, this
woman with a baby came and
told me that JR was the father.  
She showed me the baby and
the baby’s name was Jamie
Ricky began to cry louder like a
little baby.  Jewel embraced him
and wiped his tears away.
“Its okay baby.  You can best
believe that I will get to the
bottom of this.  What was her
name Ricky? Did she tell you her
name?”  Ricky took a deep
“Yes Ma’am. Her name was Miss
Doralee Mayberry and the baby
was less than one year old.  She
said that she was made pregnant
by JR right before he got
Jewel’s eyes got extremely wide
as she heard the name and her
mouth even opened up as wide
as she could open it.  She
continued to embrace Ricky and
rub his head while also wiping
the tears from his eyes.
While they were sitting down, a
group of people had gathered
right across from them who
recognized Ricky and they saw
him crying.  Nevertheless, this
one guy who asked was
everything okay, asked for an
autograph after Jewel said
everything was fine.
“I’m sorry Sir but now is not the
time for an autograph.  Please
understand okay, thank you.”
The guy walked off and repeated
Jewel’s words to the small group
and they disbanded right away.  
Jewel embraced Ricky like he
was her son and sat there
wrapped up around him, just
letting him vent his feelings.  
From a distance, it looked rather
awkward but when one would get
close up, it was obvious that she
was consoling a young kid and
not a grown man.
“Ricky, what else did this lady tell
“Well, she just said that she and
JR had this baby girl and that my
mom would not know anything
about it but that JR would.  She
also told me that it would not be
good to mention to my mom
because she is pregnant and it
might hurt her.  She showed me
the baby and told me Jamie
Randella was my baby sister.”
Jewel became immediately
furious with both me and Doralee
but at this time she was so upset
with Doralee.  She thought to
herself, there is a way to handle
business and for Doralee to
impose all this on this child is
totally heartless and unfair.  I can’
t believe that JR.  No wonder he
was paying her all that darn
money.  He’s having a serious
love affair with this woman.  Am I
stupid or what? And I thought I
knew everything about him and
his associates, family and
friends.  I feel so stupid, so
ignorant, so taken advantage of.  
These men out here are nothing
but lousy dogs.  Oh well, I will
take care of Ricky and next up,
JR and Doralee will feel my
wrath.  I won’t be going out like
this.  Oh hell naw!  Those idiots
done messed with the wrong
woman!  Having a love affair at
my clueless expense, oh hell
naw!  All I got to say is some real
dirt bout to go down now!
“Did you look at the baby Ricky?”
Jewel reengaged despite her
depressing thoughts.
“Yes Ma’am! For a moment I
looked but I didn’t look that hard
Ricky had stopped crying and he
seemed to be doing better
having talked it out.
“Okay baby, you okay now?”
“Yes Ma’am!  I just didn’t know
JR had another baby.”
“Sweetie, learn a lesson from
this.  We don’t know all the truth
yet but you can best believe that
Auntie Jewel will fix all of this
“Okay Ma’am!”
“Now, I need you to make me
one promise.”
“What is that?”
“Your mom is going through a
major hurdle right now with
pregnancy and labor.  We don’t
want to say anything to her to
upset that process because her
time now is very crucial.  I
promise I will get to the bottom of
this and I will handle it from here
Ricky just stared at the floor like
he was in a daze.
“Ricky, do you understand?”
“Yes Ma’am?  I don’t want my
mom to be hurt while trying to
have a baby.”
“Exactly!  She does not deserve
that and we won’t bring that on
her, okay?”
“Okay Ma’am.  I don’t feel right
talking to JR either about it.”
“Good Ricky!  Let grown folks
handle grown folks business and
then I will have JR talk to you.  I’ll
talk to him first and have him
explain everything to you.  Fair
“Yes Ma’am! That’s fair enough.”
“Okay hun, let’s go get your
luggage and then we will get out
of this airport.”
Jewel stood up and kissed Ricky
on the cheeks and hugged him
once again.
“Also, we need to celebrate your
winning the MVP trophy and
make certain you process that
like it is, a very big deal.”
Ricky seemed to have started
feeling better as time was
passing by, as both he and
Jewel continued walking towards
the baggage claim area.
“Ricky, do you feel like signing
autographs now because the
crowd is still following us?”  
Ricky smiled.
“Sure Ma’am, I don’t mind now.  I’
m okay.”  Ricky signed several
autographs before he and Jewel
proceeded on to the baggage
claim section of the airport so
Ricky could get his luggage.  
After they got the suitcase, Jewel
took him out the exit of the airport
where a security officer and
driver from JR’s estate was
awaiting them.
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