His New ASSistant by Black Diamond

You say I seem so right for you
I say you are thinking too hard
I am curious of what the future will hold
Only time will tell, as the relationship
gets old

Tricks, lies, games, not me, I don't like
to play
I'd rather put it out there, you'll find out
So feel free to be yourself but just don't
do me wrong
Or you'll be looking for me and poof, I'll
be gone

Oh baby, I could easily fall for you
I'm not on the rebound; it's the things
you do
When you wrap your big strong arms
around me
There is no place in the world that I'd
rather be

See, I know for sure God sent you my
To encourage, inspire and show me a
better day
Just his confirmation to move on by all
Time to stop playing Girl and start
chasing your dreams

Intelligence, sex appeal and ambition
You are the full package baby with no
If for some reason I never see you again
Then you've already served your
purpose, so I still win

A real man from head to toe
Muscles everywhere baby please dont'
Anywhere until I'm fully out of my shell
And I promise you one day, I will serve
you well

Mmmm your muscles and my curves, a
perfect combination
When our bodies meet, I feel nothing
but pure sensation
You see, we fit together like a hand in a
I want anything you're offering, sex,
companionship, even love

I'm cool, calm, and collected
But I like to keep my feelings protected
The other side of me can be fierce, yet
still show compassion
When I really want something I go after
it with full aggression

I'm smart, cute with a multitude of skills
I plan to send them all running for the
Not a nag or hag, although I've learned
to be persistent
Watch out ladies, I'm gonna be his new

9-1-1  By JEROME

On an ordinary morning
Of September 11, 2001

Quietly eating my breakfast at a local
As my day had just begun

Then an eerie voice over the radio
Spoke about a plane striking one of the
twin towers

A second plane hit the other tower
Within a couple of hours

The White House was also a target
But the Pentagon instead took the blast

A fourth plane failed to reach its
In Pennsylvania for some reason it had

In total disbelief, I listened
As the news began to unfold

I questioned how this could have
As each breaking story was told

But then my Pastor called as I sat frozen
in my chair
He wasn’t calling to set blame
He knew the only solution was prayer

Praying for the victims and praying for
the pain
Praying for those found still alive
And for those who had been defamed

Praying for the ignorant and misled
Who were forced to assist in these
terrible acts
Praying for the investigator who
followed the lead
And evidence they would eventually

Praying for our security
Which has now come under siege
And praying for our civility
As we seek answers to proceed

Praying for our future and praying for
our past
But when all is said and done
The question still remained
Could America recover from this blast?

So as the story was made public
And as more of the facts had been
It felt like this was all a dream, but the
I knew were very real

I could have been at the Pentagon
I could have been on one of those planes
Two of my co-workers were in
Manhattan at the time
It could have been me in exchange

What if I had gotten lost trying to find
the courthouse
And ended up by the World Trade

Someone else might be writing this
And in their own words they might have

None of us are safe
And our physical borders are not secure
None of us have the answers
But I pray to God that we endure

It’s nice that we are pulling together
Taking each other by the hand
It’s great to see the leaders of our Nation
Demonstrating that they understand

So as the healing process has begun
And as we’re learning how to cope
I pray that we all look to the God of
For our everlasting hope.

Wanted! A Good  Referee

Can someone please tell me when this
boxing match is over?

I think I rushed to enter the ring too soon, I
forgot all about my four leaf clover

I got marital issues coming from the left,
and job issues hitting me from the right

I took a hard jab of medical issues to the
chin, I think I'm about to lose this fight

The press is really stressing me out, the
blows to the stomach and upper body have
seriously injured me

But I don't have enough sense to just fall to
the floor.....I'm starting to feel
unconscious...I'll never get victory

My body is so very tired, I don't know how
long I'll be able to last,

The drama from a few new mistresses has
emerged, I've yet to even overcome my past

Can somebody please just ring the bell and
bring this massacre to an end?

I'll never survive this living hell, I don't even
know where to begin

I took one step forward, got hit with a flurry
of punches that knocked me back nearly
five feet

I don't even know why I'm still standing in
this fight, I'm nothing but a fresh piece of

Why won't the referee go ahead and stop
this killing, he knows I'm clearly no match

You see the end of me will begin my
healing, my itch is terribly in need of a

I haphazardly entered into this dual, by
gosh I'm not even prepared

These blows to my head are so viciously
cruel, I wondered if anybody cared

But now is not the time for me to relinquish
to self pity, I've got to somehow stay the
course and fight

I may not be considered very witty, but
while my knees begin to wobble and my
head spins around....I must keep swinging
with all my might

Mr. Referee, you did a lousy job, as my
stumbling to the floor has began,

I think I threw my last punch like a thief
about to rob, as my fist flies in the air like a

I wish I knew a quick prayer, a quick quote
from the bible to at least bring me at peace
with God,

I definitely have met my slayer, I'm going
down from the left hook of life, this will
certainly be an end to life nod

Where's the preacher, nurse. or doctor
when you need them...I can't help but die
slowly, for my fate is no longer determined
by me

Now my world has come down like rain
from the sky, but to preclude it all.... I
needed a good referee

Thought For The Day
Some people may be seen in life for a
brief moment at a glance but leave an
impression for a lifetime upon one's

Formula For A Great Day

1.  Start everyday off with a morning
prayer of thanksgiving after you get out
of bed
- Directly afterwards, share your planned
activities and invite God to be a
welcomed participant;  i.e....ask him to
help you with doing a great job today,
scoring real high on your test, excelling
on the court or in court, ect...
-  Always ask God to help remove the
fears from your life (fear combats faith..
they cannot coexist)
2.  When you finish your prayer, believe
in your heart and command your faith to
go forth and have a great day;  when the
enemy tries to throw you off course with
fear and controversy, rebuke him and
repeat to yourself, "this is my day and
God has granted it; therefore you are a
liar Satan, so get thee hence behind me!"
3.  At noon, find a place (car, bathroom,
closet) to resume your prayer with God;
praying for those who are not having
such a great day and also asking for
strength for you to keep the faith; always
pray when your faith is about to be lost...
don't lose it but hang on in there....have
an inspirational song that will pick you
up if for some reason you falter....keep
that song on alert and use it to help you
restore your faith
4.  Before you lay your head down to
sleep at night, resume your prayer of
thanking God for keeping you
throughout the day and helping you
overcome all obstacles, as well as praise
him by saying "thank you Lord" for all
the great things that are happening in
your life; practice this daily, while
keeping the faith and you are
guaranteed to have a great day.
5.  Always keep in mind....you hold the
key!!  If you forget to pray three times a
day, just take off from where you
remember to resume.

Cousin Tracy, may you rest in peace! 30
years departing and 3 kids surviving!
This poem is dedicated to you.

The Fragrance Of A Rose

Your life in this world was only for a
season, as your time here seemed short
but complete

Though some will be quick to explain
why, they really don’t know the reason,
why the maker you must now meet

Some will talk and many will speculate,
about how you conducted your walk,
how you chose to regulate

For in the midst of our most terrible
pain, we as your loved ones will
eventually surrender our hurt and begin
to celebrate

For you have endured the toughest rain,
for the coldest winter could not even
move your roots

Sudden deaths have a way of leaving
such a guilty stain, did we show you
enough love, and did we ever deny you
the truth?

Though some of us will be disturbed
and confused, we will ponder this
tragedy for quite some time,

For your sudden departure has left no
one to accuse, though your death was a
loss, to loved ones it hit like a crime

Tracy, you will be dearly missed and
your legacy of love will live on

For your young kids will carry the torch
without a hitch, for you have entered
into glory and you will not be alone

Quietly and somewhat peacefully you
left us, and why?….nobody really knows

For your life definitely made a
tremendous mark, for you were to us like
the fragrance of a rose

Cruise Time

I'm talking walking in the sand, strolling
on the beach, honeys all around, at my
grasp and my reach

Tired of stressing on the job, going
home to a slob, get your mind made up,
and floss like Remy Ma

Heather Headly said it too, it's time for
you to do you, leave the kids with your
folks, and have yourself a brew

I'm talking shopping in Jamaica with the
fat American dollar, I'm talking
swimming in the Caymans, crystal
waves near my collar

So if you looking for some fun, wanna
chill without a gun, need some hugs on
the run, wanna sip Jamaican rum?

Come on and join our cruise, we got
room for all of you, from the single to
the couple, we will mingle, we don't
struggle, we relax without a tussle

Some will say they can't afford it, or say
they don't have time, it's on you to get
away, so you best convince your mind

Your job will be there upon return, home
gurl check out the president, he often
frequents Camp David, just like he's a

So when I see you on the cruise, line
dancing up on the boat, I'll just light my
Black and Mild, blow out some wavy

We'll reflect back on this sweet time,
when you may have had your doubt,
then we'll plan next year's cruise,
leaving the memories for the ocean trout

Go ahead and do yourself a favor, make
your mind up today, click the online link
below before your mind begins to sway

You will have so much fun, it's like you
in another world, you will return a better
person, you could return as somebody's

Come and Cruise With Me

Come and cruise with me
I'll let you snooze with me
Don't wor...ry be hap..py - no more blues
with me
Break all the rules with me,
Then you will clearly see,You're the
woman for me,
My clip is full, my rap is dull, I'm trying
furiously, for you and I to be, an item
I got the ends, you got the bends, so
come and cruise with me....
Then you and I can be, engaged
We'll walk the boat, catch a float, sit in
the ja...cuz...zi,
So come and cruise with me,...I'm down
on bended knee,
What's on the ship, stays on the ship,
I'm talking pri..va...cy, so come and
cruise with me,
We'll be dancing up a storm to the likes
of Jod..eci,
So come and cruise with me, in turn
you'll set yourself free!

What If Ya Wrong

You think  you got all the facts, no need
for me to keep talking
I got no time to relax, because you
planning on walking
Right straight out of my life, as though
we had no beginning
I had to let go of the strife, I recognize
I'm not winning
You claim I did all the dirt, as though my
conscience was numb
I guess I caused all the hurt, you make
me feel I'm so dumb
I can't confess that I'm guilty, I did not
do what you claim
I know you think I'm so filthy, I can't
admit to your blame
But did it ever cross your mind that you
were singing the wrong song
Not trying to stress or be unkind, but if
perhaps you were wrong
I never was a perfect woman, all life
comes with many flaws
Its not like you were a perfect showman,
you often showed all your draws
I know the evidence against me is
strong, but only I know what really
Can you imagine if you are truly wrong?  
Can you imagine if you have truly erred?
I'm trying to patch up all of our pain, I
want to continue to be your wife
I feel the effects of the sinful stain, But
when I said "I do" I said it for life
So can we just forgive one another?  
Can we bury our troubled past?
Can we let our love be rediscovered?  
Can we vow forever to make it last?
So can I share with you a fat and juicy
kiss?  And may it confirm our
willingness to trust and makeup
Because baby, your loving I don't want
to miss, and yes I refuse for us to

Let every ounce of rejection produce a pound
of perfection and a ton of determination.

Poetic Expression:  

Sometimes the trouble in our life seems
prevalent to break us,

Oftentimes after we survive the storm and
reflect back, that trouble was there to make us

Wisdom is born to those who decipher the

We the survivors are champions that become
counsel to those who go through what we
graduated from.  

Know your purpose!


You Caught My Eye by  Bonita Ayoola

You caught my eye, you had me staring
It wasn't that uniform you were wearing

Baby it was that dip in your step
How you held your head high

Your demeanor told me you may be a bit
That was okay, because brotha was still

The way you fold your lips, as if to
suppress your words

That fresh hair cut that accented your
I had already imagined myself with a veil
and white lace

A man like you didn't need contacts, you
sported your tinted glasses and I was
feeling that

That first glance took me to a place and
you were something I had to chase

That wasn't me!  It would seem too
forward, so I said a silent prayer and left
it up to the Lord

Now some call it lust but I saw my mate
for life
Yes! I envisioned myself being your wife

To get what you want you must know
what you want

You caught my eye not for a second, not
a minute, but a lifetime, so I'll sit back
and wait for you to be mine

Anything worth having is worth the
waiting time

Years have passed not many but few
I wake to say I love you, and your
response is I love you too

Then, I roll over to your passionate kiss
If you hadn't caught my eye that day we
would not have this marital bliss

(NOTE...See her other poem "Packing" at
very end)

Who Is He? by Lettie in Cali

When I entered the room, seeing him
was different and exciting, but I had

We had only spoken on the phone and
now I was seeing him up close and

He had a face that could actually be
intimidating when photographed

His appearance was not what I usually
would go for
but I am not complaining because he
represented very well

I don’t want you to take me wrong; so
please allow me to express and explain,
his wonderfully God given features

His jaw bones were strong, his bald
head was sexy and the color of his skin
was a tempting taste of coco with a shot
of cream and his eyes were a shade
lighter than brown,

Looking into them, there should be a
sign that read enter at your own risk but
if or when he gives you a smile you will
never remember the frown that was on
his brow

He had a very wide back with extensive
broad shoulders and strong chest; there
was more so listen and let me tell you
the rest

Now I want to let you in on a little secret.
This man had a pair of thighs that would
make any woman want to kiss;
“yea” you got it from one end to the
other, inside the right thigh and then
inside of the left one; wow….. hold up I
must compose myself

His lips were so soft and responsive to
the touch

He placed his lips on my lips and….
mmm…. I remember getting a rush

He held me in a way that yielded deep
feelings of electric strokes slowly
moving up and down my spine

He held me in a way that I was unable to
ignore and suppress the way the inside
of my spirit felt, trying to hold the
movement of my pelvic back, was out of
my range

The motion and movement that I had no
control over

He said, "your mouth is saying no but
baby your body needs me, so go with
the flow;  it’s all right its all good"

I said "go with the flow, what do you
mean? , you don’t even …….I don’
t……… is this normal for you…..and do

His tongue was absolutely unbelievable
but at the same time…… fascinating and

Screaming was all I could do; ………but I
think it sounded as though I was being
attacked and so I had to do something
right in the middle of the act

I voluntarily grabbed a pillow to deaden
the sounds of my screams; there was no
way I wanted to be interrupted

I had to go up and back down that hill I
realize what I was feeling was oh so real,

I stopped holding back....and all at once
I let go, and there  came that tidal
wave.... milk shake? No, not at all but I
shook from deep within…..then it was

Packing by Bonita Ayoola

Years I've given you with love and
patience, but today I say I can't take it
As I pack this suitcase I have thoughts
of you
How you said you loved me and you'd
always be true
They say all men cheat, That I don't
But my man on the down low
With another brother, What's that all
Today I came home only to surprise you
Little did I know you had a surprise for
me too
Now I can't stop packing because of the
pain from your deceit
You can't tell me to calm down and I
don't understand
I just walked in and caught you with a
Yes in my home, in my space,
My heart almost stopped when I saw the
passion in your face
It was the grace of God that I spared
your life
I can't blame me, I was a good wife
I'm done packing and I'm headed out the
But a smile creeps across my face cause
the suitcases that I've packed are not
Mine, They're Yours
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