The Verdict Is IN!......See Reviews Below....G-natti is for real!
Once again, I ain't playin yall!

See what other groups are saying below.
66.  This was a great book to read. I could not put it down. I
was surprised to see a guy get that deep about a book.  
Sometimes a lot of male authors don"t get too deep but thank
God for this book. Great Job! keep up the good work.  Tonia
in Baltimore
65.  Galuminatti, I owe you an apology.  My husband and his frat
brothers read your book and they said that bringing it like JR was not
abnormal but very normal.  It resulted in an argument but I apologize for
my previous attack in saying no man can bring it like JR brought it.  
64.  All I got to say is  when will the CARTERCHRONIC drop?  I can't
wait!!  Your book took me to another level.  You got the gift.     Michelle
in Toronto
63.  I admire what you are doing.  You are dropping knowledge to
young folks and alerting older folks to the game.  Haters will hate
because you are unique.  Keep on writing.  You are an exception by
far!     Duane in Kentucky
62.  I'll be straight and to the point...your book was all about reality...
yeah, there were errors but you are a great story teller and you should
go far!...please include me on your mailing list....I want to get on your
band wagon now! will be known....Michael in DC
61.  Wow!  A no name author putting out a first book  that was this good!  
Your book captured every emotion under the sun.  I was laughing, crying,
upset and angry, and also turned on.  I read your book in 8 hours.  Can't wait
for the sequel and I will remain anonymous because I don't want my church
folks judging me.  Keep up the great work!!
60.  The book was very different than anything I have ever read.  I am so shocked that you
have not done more to get this literary work out.  Please distribute!  Millions would love this
book.  Now, it is a very deep book.  It is not fit for shallow minds. Some will judge you
prematurely by the strong content in the early chapters but once they get through to the
best selling storyline, they would clearly enjoy this book for the great work of art it is.  I
encourage you to publish with the traditional publishers because your talent is huge and
beyond your own grasp.    Gale in Delaware  
59.  Analytically, the book was one of the better works I've read all year.  I thought the
ending was a litte sudden but that could be because I did not want it to end.  A few errors
but none that detracted from the overall quality of the book.  JR made me mad so many
times and I loved Jewel.  The sequel is overdue!  I can't wait.   Savarie in AL  
58.  Took me about 2 days to complete.  I never read that fast.  When is your next release.  
I sent my contact email to your custormer service department.  Very vivid imagination and
unique ideas I have not read before.  Dr. Reid in Charlotte
57.  Very interesting storyline!  The book seemed slow at first but when it picked up you
were clearly on a roller coaster ride.  I enjoyed your creative mixture of romance and
family.  I highly recommend your book.  Denitra in NC
56.  Great Entertainment!  Your book was pivotal for me because it clearly changed my
perspective on erotica.  That's priceless!!  I once shunned reading it but your pen has a
unique flair.  It draws you in your created world.  I hope you make it big real soon.  Your
work would be relished immediately across mainstream.  Your book is movie and play
ready.  As far as negativity, Zane got it, and I'm sure you will.  Align your faith to where you
are right now and brain wash yourself into believing that God is with you step by step.  
Your faith will move mountains and open doors.  Your book is very DEEP and everyone
needs to read it.      Cheryl in Chicago
55.  Your book is absoluetly one of the best I have read in a long while. And don't ever
compare Galuminattti with Eric J. Dickey I think that is the correct spelling of his name.  
Baby you are a much more explicit, expressive, and all around exceptional writer. You have
got me hooked and I can not wait for the sequel.  LeVon in Cali
54.  I read your book, signed up for your cruise, and I'm ready for the Carterchronic.  What's
taking so long?...LOL....Just kidding.  I also can't wait to read Salty Roots.  Please let me
know when you will release it.  Since I flunked the Carterchronic quiz, I guess I got to buy
it.  Great book by the way.   Riana in Corona, Cali
53. The twists, the turns, the elements of surprise and the unique depictions of erotica
have placed you in a league of your own.  I loved your book.  You put alot into it and it
clearly showed.  It was a tough read initially because JR reminded me so much of my
deceased husband.  Send your book to Oprah.  She's got to acknowledge it! P.S.  Nice to
finally meet a black male author who was serious about his craft and showed no signs of
hitting on me.    Denise in Long Beach, California
52.  I just wanted to tell you that out of 13 books for consideration for our next book club
reading, your book was number one even amongst some literary power houses.  Our
team of reviewers were unanimous.   Your writing style sets you  apart even from the
industry's top best sellers.  You're just a step away from hitting it big!!!  Do you remember
me from the book signing?  My name is Carlita out of Inglewood, California.
51.  Please come back to LA real soon.  I'll see you on the cruise.  I read your book in 10
hours and could relate to all the characters, even though I  did not like Loke.  He is very
much real world though. I'm glad I got your autograph because real soon you will be too
big to talk to.  Your book would make a great play and movie alike.  Waiting anxiously for
your next work.  Sherrie C., Los Angeles, California
50.  The initial response to your book and the final response I encountered did not match.  
I owe you an apology.  I pre-judged your book by the cover, along with factoring in the fact
that it was your first book and thus I did not anticipate the transformation within my mind.  
You have made me want to read again as I was not a reader at all.  Your book captured my
attention and I totally enjoyed it.  It is a great piece of literary  brilliance.  It was also nice
meeting you at the LA bookfest.  Your humility will be a force multiplier within the industry.  
Now, when will be the next release, as your book occupied my time for quite awhile.  
Gloria in LA
49. I just finished the book and I can honestly say that I loved it.  I had to get through the
heavy diet of sex in the beginning but after plowing through that I was totally stuck on
finishing the book for about 3 days.  Now, I'm hungry for more.  My girls and I will meet you
on the cruise.  We accept the challenge of fitness and will be holding our own, nothing but
bikinis to boot.  Gale in Alaska
48.  G-natti, watch ya back.  You are dropping way too much knowledge out here for the
ladies, giving up all the playa secrets.  LOL!  I read everything from Marry Morrison to Zane
to Carl Webber and Walter Moseley and I am so impressed with the fact that this is your
first book.  You are clearly a gifted writer.  By the way, I want to buy everything you drop so
please contact me via my email.  Also, me and my boy signed up to your cruise...after I met
this fine honey who said she and her 4 girlfriends were going.  I'm working out daily.  To
quote your words, "I ain't playin" either.  Johnson T, Northern VA
47.  I bought the book upon a recommendation from a good friend. After I started reading
it, I couldn't stop! It was as if I was addicted to some sort of drug! Oftentimes, when I read,
the plot encounters slow parts, but not this book. The plot never slowed down, it kept
moving and moving. It dealt with a variety of adult situations which the author handled with
erotic passion and truth. I actually finished the book in a matter of hours, finally completing
it around 4 am! If you MUST read one book this year, don't check out Oprah's Book Club,
check out Lights Out! Game Ova! I'm recommending it to all of my friends.
46.  I pick up this book and could not put it down. The author's unique style of writing grabs
your attention and you just hold on for the for ride. I completely read the book in one day.
The love scenes were awesome, the Characters came to life, especially the Main Hero
JR. As the story unfolds, you are held in suspense as to which direction JR will turn. You
can't help but cheer him on as his life transitions from much pain to much gain. The book
ended, leaving you craving for more. I can't wait for the next book.    J. Jackson, Arkansas
45.  The book was a great read for our book club.  We were heavy in discussion with the
insights on dating perspectives that were hammered in the book.  We also were glad to
have Galuminatti sit down and discuss with us his book and the thoughts he had in
writing the book.  Our group is waiting patiently for both the Carterchronic and Salty Roots.  
Galuminatti, continue to stay humble for you will go very far in this business!   Denelle
Reid, Greenville, NC
44. I love authors who bring da real.  Galuminatti, you did just that.  You even gave me
plenty of insights to the female persuasion and you are right on target.  I thought Jewel
was the bomb.  Now, will she and Loke ever hook up?  Guess I'll know in the sequel.  
Keep on putting it down just like you do.  You are a PIONEER of your time.   Hudson in
43.  Good Lord! I think an absolute star is here.  G-natti, you possessed nearly all of my
time for 72 hours as I could not lay the book down.  This book should get you on the Oprah
show.  Make sure you send her a copy.  You got something here.  Please alert me when
you put out or even edit any other book.  You got that world class appeal in writing.  I was
hooked.  By the way, I am no way like the Debbie in the book.LOL.........Debbie Rienart,
Louisville, Kentucky
.  Hey, as the first winner of the free E-book, I want to say I was impressed with your
book.  I ordered the hard copy after reading the E-book because home boy got skills.  I'll
get over the cover because the inside is awesome.  Now, you think I can get a free E-book
of the Carterchronic -- just kidding!  I can't wait to purchase.  Junior, Birmingham, AL
41.  This book was absolute therapy for me.  Your insights on men and women were right
on point.  This is a darn good book.  I expect you to go far with this book and I am glad that
I am one of few to be a part of your jet setting career.  My book will be placed in a very
treasured place within my house.  Let me know the next book you drop.    Connie Douglas,
40.  This book contained a fabulous plot.  I had to hide the cover while reading on the
metro some days because it brought me more attention than I  expected.  The book is a
great source of entertainment and I read it on the flight to and from Hawaii and could not
put it down until I finished it on the beach.  With your talent, you will blow up within one to
two years.  Mark my word.   Delmira Everette,  Northern Virginia
39.  Before I purchased this book, I asked G-natti several times was it juicy.  He smiled
and said yes but I did not expect such an outstanding piece of work.  I have not met a sista
or brotha yet who has read your book and did not love it.  We all cannot wait for the next
book.   Deborah Riley, Tennesee
38.  You got me with this book.  At first I thought it was just a man getting his mack on and
then I got the left hook of a strong plot and magnetic storyline.  I want this to become a
series like Soul Food .  G-natti, don't ever let this end.  I could read your books as my
primary source of entertainment.    Kenny Wallace, ATL
37.  Real world display of men and women insights!  Your book captured so much about
life in so many ways. We need to spread the word to the world about this hidden talent still
at the underground level.  We need to help bring him and his work to mainstream society.  
Zane, Terri Woods, and many other celebrities started this way.  Let's work people and get
G-natti into mainstream.    Kyle Parker, Detroit
36.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was a real page
turner.  I could not put it down.  The description of the characters really
made it easy to not only visualize them but to also feel as if you know
them.  When you were not reading, you would find yourself full of
anticipation to see what would happen next. Everytime you thought you had
figured one of the characters and knew that they had everything under
control, something else would happen.   Anonymous, MD
35.  I was very impressed with the book.  G-natti definitely has a writing style that will
separate him from the rest of the pack.  He has the gift of mixing real world erotica into real
day to day dynamics of a person's household.  The book has a very comfortable writing
pattern that covers a spectrum of people educated from the doctoral level to that of a 6th or
9th grade level education.  I could actually feel the emotion and vibes of the key
characters.  Great job and a great book!    Archie Cox, Philly
34.  The book is extremely awesome.  It was funny and very easy to get into the world of
the characters.  I liked your usage of comedy, real life activity, and scenarios that any
person of our culture could be immersed in.  I recommend that you make this story a
series, like Soul Food because the book was totally equipped with the mechanics of a t.v.
drama series.  Staci from Baltimore
33.  Man, I got to admit, the cover really made me think twice about reading this book.  I'm
a bona fide man and I can't be walking around with a book and embracing another man's
chest.  My mom persuaded me to read the darn book and I am glad I did.  The book
opened my eyes to alot of knowledge that I clearly did not possess.  I felt like I aged in
wisdom by 5 years as far as relationships are concerned.  I know the sequel will be
exciting to read because I did not want the end of this book to come.    Harold Seption,
32.  I am anxiously awaiting the sequel.  This book is an underdog of all books.  I was
babysitting for a friend of mine and she had the book on her bed. I started reading and
immediately became a fan.  My girlfriend would not let me take it out of her house so I had
to read it under short notice.  This book and storyline is one of the best I have read in a
long time and then when you mix in the erotica, Oh My God!  The writing is so much on
point and very sensitively detailed that I find it hard to believe that the author is a man and
not a woman.  For no straight man writes that good about female perspectives.  G-natti, if
you are gay, its all good by me.  Some of the best best male writers are gay and if you are
too, that's cool.  Its okay to come out the closet. Cheryl Swoopes came out last week and I
also find myself attracted to men and women.   To thine ownself be true.   Shirley in NY
31.  Your book captured entertainment in alot of forms.  I was particularly taken by the mix
of relationship twists in all forms and the presence of a very strong plot.  I don't want to
sound repetitive but I thoroughly got hooked on your writing and I found it very relaxing, and
easy to read despite the display of written erotica and the complex scenario.  You hit on
alot of relationship insights that could very well be an education piece for both men and
women.  I know I got educated.  I can't wait for the sequel and please contact me when it is
released.        Gloria in Miami, Florida
30.  I read your book in 36 hours because I wanted to get there....that proverbial place
where I can know the results of all the actions going on.  I was amused quite a bit and I
think your book truly captures today's time within the dating arena.  That alone will make
this a classic.  As a caucasian male, I read your book due to my newfound interests in
black women.  I want to learn how to attract them and your book did give me some ideas.  
Thanks a million for that and I look forward to reading the sequel.    Mark Williams,
29.  Your book is darn near hypnotizing.  When you start reading it, it is hard to put it down.  
My boss told me your book was a must read and I read it and truly enjoyed the whole
book.  I too can't wait for the sequel and I left my contact information so you can let me
know whenever you release another book.  I'm recommending your book to my cousin's
book club.  I told them to buy the damn thang and don't let one person buy it and they pass
it around to read.  Sometimes, we can be so stingy about buying quality work.  I believe
that if the author delivered a good storyline, plot, suspense and nice word flow, he should
be rewarded in way of people buying the book and not by people passing the book around
like tapes can be recorded.  Pay the man for his work, great effort and entertaining
pleasures.  I believe in you G-natti.  You will go far, just keep dropping them books!!!!!   
Calvin Lee Rogers, ATL (Hotlanta)
28.  OFF the CHAIN!  I read your book in like 3 days and I don't even normally read books
unless they are sports magazines.  Your book not only kept my attention but it made me
really want more.  I did not want the book to end.  I was reading your book like I was getting
paid to do so and I did get paid by way of the insights shared and the captured realities
that display how women and men think and act toward one another.  The lead character is
like me in alot of ways.  I could not believe it.  I stumbled into reading this book (my
girlfriend made me) but I will be on serious lookout for anything that has your name on it.  
You brought the "real."   Doug Reese,  Alabama
27.  I read the book and was very fulfilled from a spiritual and emotional perspective.  I
enjoyed the erotic scenes as well and I really hate folks that hate on authors that display
erotica in their books.  Babies are born by it and it is our reality whether we want to accept
it or not.  You have a unique way of placing a reader in an erotic scene.  I have read many
books about erotica and you clearly have the gift to make your reader feel like they are
either experiencing the erotica or that they are an active part of it.  Keep on doing your
thang man!  You have the gift!  Erica Waters, DC
26.  WOW! That was the way I felt after reading this book.  I did not want to put it down but I
also did not want it to come to an end, if that makes any sense at all.  G-natti, I got to admit
you delivered as promised and far beyond my expectations.  My gurl turned me on to your
book and I am now recommending it to my friends, both playas and nonplayas.  The book
is upside down, all the way round badd!  Keep doing your thang man and remember us
little people as you blow up!     Ron The Man,  LA, Cali
25.  OUTRAGEOUS - in the most positive sense of the word.  The book was totally
fulfuilling.  Character development, insertion of music, lively plot, and with many surprises,
and the eroticism was clearly off the hook.  I read about 5 books per month and this book
made me push Eric Jerome, Zane, and many other well known authors on the shelf until I
finished this book.  This will be a #1 Best Seller!  The book is all that and I recommend it
for women, men, and especially for people seeking to understand relationship dynamics.  
The book has newfound insights.  A must!   Jeanna Rivers, Metro DC Area
24. This book is awesome….The 1st 4 chapters had me thinking that JR was just a
player….after further reading…my thoughts were that he was just a single Christian male
who had a weakness for women. JR was just being real with his thoughts and
actions…unlike many of us Christian males and females. It had a twist that made me
keep wanting to read more and more. I was upset with JR towards the end….but then he
was weak again… I’m glad he finally woke up to realize what he really had…maybe... Loke
was a good friend….He was hurting and reacting to the only way he felt he knew
how…Outside of the graphic sexual details…it’s definitely a book worth reading. I hated for
the book to end….Rita of Clinton, MD
23.  Man, this book is blazing.  I'm a black man who rarely finds time or interest in so
called erotica books but my boy told me about this book and the knowledge that it drops
for playas and playa hatas and I had to get it.  I was not disappointed but very impressed.  
Ain't no book kept my interest like this since King magazines came out and those were not
due to a strong plot and storyline.  The book is great!  Now, you will be real bad if your
sequel is anywhere as good as the first one.   Dereck Rogers,  DaVille (Fayetteville), NC
22.  I can't wait for the sequel, the Carterchronic.  I did not want this book to end.  It
captured everything that suited my fancy in terms of reading entertainment. I plan to get
more books for Xmas gifts.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and Mr. G-natti, I want to to read
more of your work.  I think you have the formula for reading entertainment down.  Thanks
for responding to my emails too as some authors get too big and ignore you.  Stay
humble.     Vestillia Barnes, Detroit, Michigan
  The book is off the hook! I could not put it down without getting to the very end.  I
enjoyed it quite a bit.  It made me laugh, get emotional, and experience the love/hate
feelings toward JR and Loke too.  I enjoyed the steamy scenes and the twists that kept me
anxious to see what was next.  It totally surprised me.  It's a pretty good book.   My male co-
workers are reading it now.    Thelma in Maryland
20.  I just finished reading the book and I want more.  Please notice my contact me
information for your future books and especially the sequel to this one.  I think you got a
career for life.  Great piece of fiction with some real world twists.  Tamira Devins, NC
19.   Lights Out Game Ova is a thoroughly engrossing, simply
riveting book that I enjoyed reading. It is like a tell-all story from an
urban male's point-of-view.  The story takes you on a journey you will
never forget.  The author did an excellent job of characterizing JR as
well as the others (Loke, Jewel, Julie).  The way the story was written
you were allowed to know JR's every thought, whether you agreed with
those thoughts or not.  JR was defined by what happened to him and how he
reacted to things that he experienced.  I really enjoyed the plot which
had many twists and turns, shockers and laughs.  Overall, I loved the
story, the writing, the character, and some of the messages conveyed in
this piece of work.  It is recommended.  Anonymous
18.  I've read twenty four chapters in the first  two days, I hate putting it down and
really hate that I'm coming to the end. The last time a book has kept my
interest the way this book has was The Autobiography of Malcom X, and
even that one didn't keep me reading from chapter to chapter like this
one has. You definitely have a bright future as an author, I can hardly
wait for the sequel.    Michael Fennell, NC
1. I enjoyed this book. It really kept me on seat's end trying to figure out all the stuff that
was going on. Really liked both the conservative and explicit depictions.  I am now a
lifetime fan.        Dee Chatson, Oaklohoma
2. The book had me cracking up from beginning to end.  When is the date of the sequel
release.  Please contact me.  I can't wait! I want more.  Charlene Rouse, Michigan
3. I did not read the book but my wife did.  All I know is that when she was reading one of
the chapters she changed into sexy attire. Bottom line, she been wearing me out sexually
ever since.  G-natti, you need to run for president.  You got my vote!  Larry Foster, ATL
4. I was shocked! The plot was great. The storyline was easy to read but I know the author
and I was just shocked.      Anonymous
5. I clearly enjoyed reading a book where the transitions flowed very well and the storyline
was awesome.  Kind of jealous of the bright light given to the caucasian persuasian.  I
recommend this book.   Cassandra Givens, H-Town
6. I normally don't read these types of books, especially with a man's chest on the cover
but my wife insisted.  Men, this is a great tool.  Nice to finally read a book where a man can
get just as much out as the woman.  G-natti, you my male Zane.    Ben Hall, New York
7.  Fiction, Fiction, Fiction. A kid doing all that.  Come on G-natti. However, I loved the sex
scenes.  Wanted more of that!    Andre Riley, Texas
8. My boyfriend and I both enjoyed your book.  I cried throughout the book.  I really could not
hold it when I felt the relationship bond between JR and the kid.  My boyfriend also liked
the book.  I want him to have that type of relationship with my son!  Thanks for the
therapy!    Monica Hodgerol, Ohio
9. As a female caucasian I thought I would find your book offensive but I did not.  I am
recommending it to my friends and family.  There are lessons and teachings throughout
your book.  I don't know if it was intentional.  Thanks       Danielle Brookes, Arizona
10. I read books all the time but I am never as fulfilled as I was reading your book. I can't
believe this is just your first book.  Where have you been? What took you so long? I am still
impressed!   Sherry Louis, DC
11. I can tell you will be a great writer but I found myself twisted with reading your book.  I
want so badly for my son to read it so he can see the relationship of a father to son but its
too explicit for him in other areas.  I recommend you write explicit books and also write "G"
rated books and not mix the two.    Miranda Bently, NC
12. Dude, reading your book was better than watching hoochie mommas on BET.  You a
big fan in me!  Michael Wallace, Maryland
13. I read the book and I too was pleasantly surprised.  G-natti you will go far with this
unique writing style.    Mary Foley, PA
14. You had me rolling like crazy!  I was so uncertain as to the next move.  I really enjoy the
music you chose as well.  By the way, is there going to be a soundtrack.  I know I would
purchase in a minute.       Josh Emerald, VA
15.  Thanks for the memorial dedication!  Aunties Isabelle and Carol would have been
proud, as well as grandma Minnie and Bear.      Anonymous
16. While I clearly enjoyed your book, I thought the likelihood of someone being so
generous was bit much and the boy with the skills.  I'm not saying no kid exists like that
but not one to hit the circuit.  It was an easy read for me however.  My wife wants to
personally meet you!    Frederick Crowles, DC
17.  I am so proud of you and this writing thang.  When I think about all the obstacles and
struggles you have gone through, losing your dad at an early age and grandma Minnie too
and our aunts, God is truly blessing you.  You are so private with all your struggles and
battles. I wish you would share more.  You have an overwhelming testimony. Don't bury
the light that shines within you!!  Anonymous

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