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committed to publishing authors of all genres.

G-natti services were recently devised and created on April 20,
2006.  Originally devised as a web site to host the books of key
note author, Galuminatti (G-natti), the scope was expanded to
further provide not only great books of sheer entertainment but
to offer a service that is a dire need within our culture, that of
online counseling.  Although still at the infancy stage of the
company's existence, G-natti Services will evolve and become a
primary staple within the internet business industry.  

Our company currently consists of promoting books for your
entertainment.  Check out Frederick L. Hargrove and his newly
released book "All That Glitters Is Not Gold."  In addition, we
host expert counselors whose concentrations are focused within
the area of child and adult psychology and dating and marital
relationships.  In terms of the counseling aspect, we ask that
you continue to be patient with us as we gradually bring our
web site into desired specifications.

Furthermore, if you would like to address the book "Lights Out,
Game Ova" or "The Carterchronic: Til Death Do Us, please
send all email correspondence to  If you
would like to address our counseling services, please direct
your email correspondence to  If you
would like to address general issues regarding this web site
then please contact our customer service department at
.  If you would like to send and
receive direct email to the author Galuminatti then feel free to
email him at  Unlike some authors who
do not interact directly with the public, Galuminatti promises to
provide direct email response to his fans and newfound friends.
"Its like the rapture, equivalent to the capture of your soul,
mind, and body, I AM Galuminatti."  
"First and foremost, I want to praise God for allowing me to
share my talents.  Lord I know I'm not there yet but thank you
for your grace and your patience as i will arrive."
Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to fill out the
contact form to display your visitation of our site.

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