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OKay Huelio, tell me
one more much do
I need to pay for
your underground
green card?
No Speak
English...."But take
my damn picture"
"What the hell was I thinking?"....."No,
what the hell was I thinking?"
My who, my what?....I'm
running thangz off up in here!  
This is my world!  Romey
Rome is in the house!
Why do I feel like I'm
standing between 2
Dalmations?  Should I
bark like a
dog?....Roof Roof...
He better watch his hands...or there will
be some midnight  creeping on this
They kidnapped me...but I think
it was the tee shirt....
We 3 for 3....Been on every G-natti
cruise thus far!  We special yall!
She seems so shy and
innocent.  I wonder if she
voted for Obama.
Now Ladies, while SHE is not around,
please don't fight over Romey Rome!
They don't know what they are talking
about...I do not drink, don't believe in
drinking and have not been drinking is strictly against my religion.  
You got the wrong person!!!
On this trip, the devil was show nuff
busy...sometimes you got to just rebuke him in the
name of Jesus!  I was just minding my business!!!
He needs to stop acting
like he is so shy; writing
them steamy books!
Wow,!  The Fellas
sure missed out
on this cruise.  I
don't know where
all these women
came from?