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Book Signing With Zane
Jerome's Website
"Create your own
path to sucess, but
be willing to endure
the process."  G-natti
From The Streets, The Battlefield, The Sanctuary
Poetry by Jerome gives tribute to moms, dads,
spouses, military members past and present and
has daily bread poetry.
A Seed Manifested has youth
poetry, message form, and
historical and situational poetry.
Due to the heavy
demands of my fans
and supporters, this
book is an inspirational
book about triumph in
the midst of the
storm...will be coming
soon!!!Speaks to the
use of faith as a
weapon and not a
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SPECIAL NOTE:  I get contacted all the time by
fans who try to purchase my books on other
websites for very low prices, all to be ripped off.  
They contact me but there is nothing that I can do
about that.  I can only vouch for this website as the
place to get my books at the price listed and
autographed copies.  I'm sorry for the scams out
there!  Don't take a chance, just order the books
from here.
     Welcome to the Press, Bathwater Press Publishing!
I'm Tony Williams, thanks for stopping by! See books below.  
The Books of Bathwater Press
2 Book Special for
Lights Out, Game
Ova and The
Carterchronic: Til
Death Do Us.  Get
the first book and
the sequel for
Coming Soon
Lights Out, Game Ova is a rags to riches
romance novel based on a true story.
Shows one man's accidental road to
wealth while trying to recover from a bride
not showing up for their wedding.
The Carterchronic: Til
Death Do Us is the sequel
to LOGO. A positive read
about two people trying to
sustain and maintain their
marital relationship.
G-Noetry: Affairs of the Heart
is poetry about love,
romance, real life scenarios
and some political issues and
some spiritual messages
along with couple talk.
Broken Ankles is based in some
parts off a true story that
addresses the recruitment of
public school athletes to private
school.  Addresses the
challenges, emphasizing growth.

The Carter Series: Lights
Out, Game Ova, The
Carterchronic: Til Death Do
Us, You Begin Me
                Excerpt for You Begin Me

My thoughts begin to consume the very core of me.  Why didn’t
Evelyn want me?  Why do women seem to want me, all to hurt my
feelings and eventually reject me?  What is wrong with me?  Why
am I not good enough for the women that I desire?  I am so sick
and tired of rejection.  I can’t seem to escape it and I really don’t
know why.  Why is it so hard to find who you feel is right for you
and all that person does is eventually hurt and reject you.  Perhaps
Loke was right.  Maybe I should just become a playa for life and
keep love the hell away from me.  Besides, all it ever leads to is hurt
further down the road.”  
I finally left my job and went home to my ultimate form of therapy,
sleeping through my depression.  I was feeling somewhat forsaken
and I knew God was there but I really was down and out in my
mind.  I got home and went straight to my bedroom to go to sleep.  
However, I grabbed my stashed bottle of Hennessey and started
drinking it straight from the bottle.  I hated the taste but it definitely
served me well as sleep medication.  It was not long afterwards that
Bentley came to wake me up from my sleep.
“Mr. Carter, you have visitors from the prison where Sir Ricky is
“Yeah Bentley!  What did you say?” I don’t even think the alcohol
had even had time to set in, so my mind was still alert.
“Sir, you have visitors at the door from Sir Ricky’s prison.”
I immediately got up out of bed and got dressed so I could meet the
visitors. I threw some breath mints in my mouth and I met them at
the door and invited them in the house.  One guy was a prison
chaplain. The other guy was a representative from the warden’s
“Are you Mr. Carter, the step father of Ricky Carter?” The chaplain
immediately asked me.
“Yes, I am.  May I ask what this is all about?”
“Yes Mr. Carter.  I am Chaplain Duane Wall, the prison chaplain.  I
do regret to visit you under these circumstances but it is procedural.”
“Okay, Chaplain Wall, what’s the deal?  Is something wrong with
“Yes Sir!”
“What’s wrong?”  I uttered.
“Ricky was found mutilated this morning in his D block cell.  He
apparently was raped and cut into pieces.  We are investigating the
assailants as we speak.”  
“Oh No! Oh my God!  Please God No!  No...No…No...No!”
“Mr. Carter, we promise that we will do everything within our power
to bring the murderers to justice.”  I came unglued.
“Your prison is known for people being murdered all the time in D
Block and you never find out who the killers are.  Its like the whole
prison is bought out by the vicious killing inmates in D Block.”  The
warden’s representative spoke out.
“Mr. Carter, that’s not totally true.  We have found suspects who
have done atrocious acts like this in the past and brought justice
upon them.”
“Oh my God!  I can’t believe this.  I don’t care who you find that did
it, you can’t bring back my boy’s life can you?  Can you?  Get out
my house right now, you worthless losers.  You and your foul
prison system is the one that killed Ricky.  That’s why I tried to pay
millions to keep him from going there.  Get out of my house!”
“But Mr. Carter, we are...”  I shouted as loud as I could to interrupt.
“Get out of my house right now, you total losers.  I’m going to bring
down your whole foul prison system if it’s the last thing that I do.  
Get out of my house.”  They continued to try and talk to me.
“But Sir, you need to understand.”  I interrupted them the last time.  
I shouted out again.
“Bentley, Bentley, get security in here right away.  I want these
bozos out of my house right now; complete idiots!  They done
allowed the wrong person to die in their crooked prison system.  
Get them out of here now!”  I shouted and Bentley responded.  
POETRY CD, full of humour, truth, and
the realities of life..all poems are read
by the sexy voice of author
Galuminatti, including three songs by
new singer and artist Gina Revae! !A
real entertainment piece.
"Forgiveness is the
economy of the
heart...it saves the
expense of anger, the
cost of hatred and
waste of spirits.."
By Elgiva Wanyama
Gnatti TripleOgee
Realionairre on facebook.....